A canceled Lenovo Legion Play handheld prototype has been leaked online from China after already being sold on the marketplace.

Lenovo, a manufacturer of laptops and PC peripherals, appears to be considering the launch of an Android handheld in 2021.

It looks to be known as the Lenovo Legion Play, a device that would have been capable of light gaming as well as streaming.

A Chinese dealer discovered the item in bulk quantity, and YouTuber Taki Udon detailed it.

Lenovo has not stated why the device was canceled, although Taki Udon points out in the video that the one they purchased is dated 2021.

It means that Lenovo was on the verge of completing the product but due to some unexpected reasons which are still not revealed yet, they had to cancel the Lenovo Legion Play handheld.

What is the canceled Lenovo Legion Play Handheld?

Taki Udon observed that the Lenovo device actually works similarly to the Logitech G Cloud because it runs Android.

The Logitech G Cloud is an Android portable intended to offer high-quality streaming gaming.

We talked about it when it was first announced, and there was some uncertainty about the pricing versus the specs available.

The Legion Play includes a Snapdragon 888 processor, which may explain why difficult-to-run emulated PS2 games run considerably better than on the Logitech G Cloud.

The Lenovo Legion Play handheld includes the same game launcher interface. It’s unclear if Lenovo discontinued the gadget after learning about Logitech’s or opted to avoid getting in the way of Valve’s Steam Deck.

Despite being a prototype, the canceled Lenovo legion play handheld appears to be completely functional. Udon plays several emulated games, streams Final Fantasy XV, and even gets some statistics in the video.

The Lenovo Legion Play was never officially announced, with only a few leaks in 2021.

That is all we have right now on the prototype of Lenovo’s legion handheld.

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