In between the Mormon MomTok drama, Camille Munday has responded to Taylor Paul by issuing an apology in her TikTok video.

Camille Munday has been a popular member of the Mormon MomTok community since launching her account in December 2019.

She has uploaded a number of videos featuring herself and other members of the group, including Miranda McWhorter and Taylor Paul.

In June 2020, Paul announced that they were divorcing, she explained the couple had been “soft swinging” with other members of her social circle.

Many members of the Mormon MomTok group decided to cut ties with Paul, and now, Camille Munday has finally addressed the situation on her account.

Camille Munday apology to Taylor Paul

In between the ongoing dissolution of Taylor Paul’s friendship with other Mormon MomTok creators.

Camille Munday used the viral video platform to explain the situation. Munday began to explain that “this is really scary for me. I don’t like this stuff whatsoever, I just try and stay silent and private.”

“I don’t think it’s doing me any good anymore I think it’s allowing other people to write my story for me…So I’m gonna start with the Taylor situation I want to admit I know I handled it wrong,” continued the TikToker.

Munday said that she “acted out of anger and I was triggered because similar things happened like this in my past growing up…but I did apologize to Taylor a while back and I should have involved myself.”

“I should have just stayed out of it. I’m learning, I’m growing and that’s one thing that I’ve learned.”

“It wasn’t like I was going around like hooking up with my friend’s husband. It was like, we were at a party, I got belligerent, and we went and messed around by ourselves rather than the whole group,” added the TikToker.

Paul added that she learned “her true friends really come out” in situations like this, though she added she wouldn’t say their names. However, many assumed Munday and more were part of the unfolding drama.

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