Call of Duty Modern Warfare & Warzone bug Fixes are coming in Season 4, Infinity Ward reveals a load of bug fixes coming along with Season 4 update.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Season 4 is set to live on June 3 and players
are looking for every piece of information that they can have before the
release, there have already been confirmation on new operators, maps and
weapons coming in Season 4 and looks like Infinity is not done yet.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare & Warzone developers confirms that a load of bug fixes will also be a part of upcoming season4.

This information was shared through developers dedicated page Trello
and we have an early look on what type of bug fixes are coming in
next season.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare & Warzone bug Fixes

Warzone Season 4 bug fixes

Warzone will be receiving a ton of bug fixes in this update and many of
them are game-breaking major bugs.

According to sources the first bug is of when a player was unable to revive his teammate after elimination, this was something that players were expecting to get a fix soon.

Moving on there are a couple of bug fixes for Gulag including the ‘loot on the floor’ bug and ‘no-weapon’ glitch in Gulag.

Moreover, they are making some much-needed improvements to Voice chat,
the voice chat bug is bothering players since a very long time on all the
platforms. There is no confirmation on what this fix will be but the developers
do reveal that there will be some general improvements to Voice Chat.

Season 4 Modern Warfare Bug Fixes

Call of Duty Modern Warfare will also be receiving a lot of important bug fixes,
we have a good knowledge on all of these bug fixes which is coming in Season 4.


According to developers post the first and foremost bug fix is going to stop an issue that prevented players earning a nuke while using blueprint weapons.

Furthermore, there are also some graphic bug fixes coming, Infinity ward
confirms that there will be a series of patches deployed which will fix
graphic corruption in matchmaking, which led to many players experiencing
bizarre multi-colour screens and other graphical problems.

Another massive bug fix which is coming in Season 4 will fix the issue where
some players were able to move out of spawn while countdown timer was
still running, this gave those players an advantage over other players who
were still waiting in spawn for the end of the countdown timer.

All of these bug fixes will balance the game and give everyone equal advantage and disadvantages there are also many other bug fixes on the board but they are for a later update.

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