Call od Duty: Moder warfare: Activision and Infinity Ward have officially announced the release date on their announcement stream on 30 May. It will be launched globally on all Platforms.

Before the announcement of the release date, each and every call of duty official social accounts were stating “Going Dark” which meant something is happening.

Then on their next tweet, they provided users with a link to their official announcement stream.

Modern Warfare is the remake of the most iconic call of duty game. inside the game, missions will be taking place all over the World.

The game will also feature many of the real worlds events took place in Iraq, and in Syria, and with the Arab spring and even with the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

In the first half of the game, players will be operating a British special-operations team under the old and familiar character Captain Price.

For the other half of the game, players will be controlling Farah Karim, the female leader of a rebel group in Urzikstan.

This game is made to reunite players who scattered in black ops 4 in which there were a time travel zombie mode and Apex legends like battle royale mode.

According to the developers unlike BO4 there will be a traditional single-player campaign and the main part of the game will revolve around the real-world incidences.

As the game is divided into two parts the first part in which you serve as a British soldier and the second part in which you serve as rebel freedom fighter from the middle east group so there will be two storylines which you will follow.

says Jacob Minkoff, the single-player design director on Modern Warfare. “If we whitewash it, if we backpedal from it, if we show a world where the heroes fight the terrorists and win, you never see the impact on the average person, the collateral damage, or the morally gray situations that soldiers themselves have to face.”

Call of Duty is all set to be released on all platforms including Xbox One, PS4 and PC which means there will be a cross play feature.

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Watch the trailer here :

Apex legends: Limited time event & Wraith new skin.

Apex legends will be releasing a limited-time event in which there will be some new legendary items and legendary skin like Epic Master of Hunt Bloodhound skin.

This limited-time event will be starting from Tuesday and the name of the event will be “Legendary Hunt” and it will last for the next two weeks.

There will be 6 new challenges coming to King’s canyon.

  1. Apex Elite Queue: If you make it to the top 5 in any match then you will earn a chance to play against other top 5 players and in order to keep participating in this top 5 queue you need to make it to top 5 every time.
  2. Legendary Hunt Challenge Rewards: you need to complete a set of limited-time challenges in order to earn new Rare, Epic, and Legendary skins.
  3. Double XP Weekend: Friday, June 7 at 10 a.m. PST to Monday, June 10 at 10 a.m. PST you will be rewarded two times XP earned during matches.
  4. Battle Pass Bonus XP: If you make it to the Top 5 in any match you will earn an entire Battle Pass level but it is applicable only once per day.
  5. Legendary Hunt Store Skins: In every three to four days during the event, you’ll have new Legendary Hunt themed skins which you can purchase directly from the in-game store.
  6. Two Additional Legendary Skins for all Battle Pass Owners: Players who have the Wild Frontier Battle Pass will automatically get the Legendary Honored Prey R-301 skin

Players who reach Battle Pass level 15 before the end of the event will get the Wraith-Night Terror Legendary skin.

Details about the Season 2 battle pass will be announced on 8 June.

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