Call Of Duty Mobile | Shroud calls Apex Legends “Boring”?

Call Of Duty Mobile Game Announced: Coming Soon

Activision has officially announced their brand new COD mobile game.

And it is being developed by Tencent.

Like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, it is also a free-to-play mobile game which will feature all the COD Characters, Maps, Competitive game modes and weapons form the series.

The Game will be launched globally on all mobile devices.

There are many other FPS games in the app store but no one can match the quality gameplay of COD so, Tencent and Activision came together to develop a game that gives you the gameplay you were asking from a long time.

Features of COD: Mobile

  1. FPS Combat
  2. Team Deathmatch
  3. Search and Destroy
  4. Maps: Nuketown, Crash, Hijacked and more
  5. Earn & unlock Call Of Duty Characters, weapons.
  6. Customize loadouts.

You can pre-register the game either in the Google play store  or simply visit this link:

In past, Activision has launched two games for the mobile that was Call of Duty: Strike Team and Call of Duty: Heroes. But it has not been taken by many players and Activision had to close down the team for Call Of Duty: Strike Team.

Source : Activision

Shroud calls Apex Legends “Boring”?

Michael Grzesiek better known as “Shroud” is a Streamer. He is also an ex-professional CS: GO.

Shroud has been grinding in “APEX LEGENDS” since its release and sources said that he and Ninja have been rewarded 1million $ to stream Apex Legends for 1 month.

His reaction timing and aiming is a thing that no one can match. And he is one of the biggest reason behind the success of Apex legends. But lately, he found that the game is boring and the reason is way too many players dies at the beginning of the match.

Shroud justifies his comment by saying that everyone tries to Hot Drop or land in the areas of the map which are known for high tier loot. He also said that

The Hot Drops are stupid as hell!

Everyone is hot dropping but they don’t realize how dumb it is to hot-drop.”

As we see from Shroud point of view he is right because if everyone hot dops and get killed at the early stage of the round then what Is left the zone is still large and players are less and the game starts being boring.

Apex legends should decrease the amount of Hot Drop zones or spread the loot equally all over the map.

For more information stay tuned with us.

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