C4s coming back to Fortnite? new Last Laugh Bundle trailer hints at a potential comeback of the C4, the bundle includes a lot of DC skins including Joker, Midas and Poison Ivy.

Fortnite last laugh bundle was announced many months ago but since then
it has been a dry land on this news and players were left wondering when it
will drop in-game.

Fortunately, Epic Games has dropped the first-ever trailer of the bundle on
November 10. In the bundle, players will be getting a lot of new DC skins
including Midas, Poison Ivy and Joker.


C4s are coming back to Fortnite?

Skins are just one side of the treat, in the bundle, we can clearly see Joker
creating havoc around the map using C4s, and this has created a spark
of excitement in players.

C4s is another hot topic of discussion in Fortnite community and has been
for many years, some players believe that it is the easiest and best way
to deal with campers and turtle whereas some believe that C4s are little
too overpowered.

Epic Games is also not very sure about its power that is why they keeps
removing and readding C4s in the game, they have also tried nerfing it by
making players onlyy find one at a time. But none of that worked and they
ultimately removed it from the game and it’s been that way ever since.

But now giving a sneak peak of C4 in bundle trailer, does this means
C4s are coming back to Fortnite? maybe, because it suits the personality
of Joker very well.

However, these are all just speculations and we can not be 100% sure until
it is from Epic Games itself.

For all we know, Joker has been using this in the game and there would not
be any better chance to bringing back this weapon then now.

Either way, the Last Laugh Bundle is locked in and ready to go. Joker, Midas, and Poison Ivy skins will hit the Item Shop later on in the week.

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