Is Bryce Hall cheating on Addison Rae, after recent rumours from Twitter – the TikToker has himself denied all these allegations about him cheating with his girlfriend Addison Rae.


  • Recently, a new tweet has surfaced claiming that TikToker Bryce Hall is cheating on is girlfriend Addison Rae.
  • However, he himself has denied all these allegations.

TikTok has given rise to many new social media influencers since its release back in 2016.
However, many of these influencers like to connect more deeply with their fans – they
shares the highs and lows in their life’s with their fans as family member.

One of these influencer couples are Bryce Hall and Addison Rae who are always in talks due
to their on and off relationship and rumours about cheating on each other.

However, their relationship hasn’t been in the news for very long until March 1, 2021 –
when a Twitter account claimed that he has proofs regarding Bryce Hall cheating on
Addison Rae with Tana Mongeau.


Considering this rumour and recent social media posts of Addison multiple fans
believed that the rumours are true.

It wasn’t long before they got one, the 21-year-old TikToker came forward to drop a message about the rumors. “I didn’t cheat on Addison,” he said, clearly denying these rumours.

After that their fans took a breathe of peace with many commenting that they were already
not believing in any of these rumours and others urging to stop these rumours.

One day before this rumour, that is on February 28, Bryce replied to other rumours after being asked by a paparazzi.

“I don’t know why everybody overreacts, but until we do our own thing or say anything… I don’t know, I feel like everyone’s overreacting about stupid s**t,” he told paparazzi on February 28.

Let’s just be honest these speculations are not going to stop completely but we should no take these rumours seriously until anything comes from the couples in question or anyone else.

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