TikTok star Bryce Hall has revealed his and YouTuber Austin McBroom chat showcasing exchange of heated text messages between both the stars after Bryce rejected Austin’s match offer.


  • In December 2020 last year, YouTuber Austin McBroom challenged TikTok Star Bryce hall for a fight that Bryce rejected.
  • However, things have escalated as on March 10 Bryce has shared a series of a text conversation between him and Austin.

Boxing matches have started to be very common between social media stars after,
some big creators like Logan Paul, Jake Paul and KSI’s matches were a massive
audience grabber.

This has started a trend of boxing matches between social media creators every now
and then.

The two new creators on the list were TikTok Star Bryce Hall and YouTuber of
ACE Family Austin McBroom. However, Bryce is not really wanting this fight and
has rejected Austin for the match.

In reply to that Austin wrote on Instagram, “I heard all your excuses, you ain’t built for this, I’ll let you keep ducking.”

But this is not the end of the story. On March 10, everything changed as the TikTok star Bryce Hall himself shared his and Austin McBroom chat on Twitter, with the caption, “all this because I won’t accept his little fight and now he’s crying because he can’t pay his cleaning lady.”

In the screenshot attached YouTube star wrote, “I pay my cleaning lady more than you make in a year. Come get this smoke,” with Bryce replying, “Lmao I guarantee you don’t.”

When Austin told the TikToker to, “stop being a p**sy,” the 21-year-old replied, “you’re 30 bro, you’re acting like a highschooler rn.”

In reply to that Austin told Bryce to come fight him rather then texting him,
calling him a “lil b*tch boy,” and mentioned that he is actually 28-years-old.

As from these screenshots it feels like if there is ever going to be a fight between
them then, it would be a big drama on the internet. Because Austin was quick
enough to reply to the original tweet within couple of hours.

“But you keep running…you’re all Twitter fingers, you wanna fight randoms out in public but too scared to fight me for millions.” he says in reply to Bryce’s Tweet.

Bryce has been completely ignoring and rejecting this match offer, but Austin is
really pushing him hard. In another tweet, he says he would take less and give him
an extra million dollars if he won the fight.

As from these tweets and messages it is clear that Bryce is not interested in this match as of now, but it would be a big drama if anything happens between both the stars in near future.

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