A prominent leaker has found another leak from Black Ops Cold War which is said to be the first Zombies DLC 1 map location, here is what the YouTuber revealed so far.

Zombies mode was added in Call of Black Ops as an additional game mode but it soon became so
popular that developers have to release some fresh content every week or every next update to keep the
hype going on.

Generally, these zombies maps are full of Secrets and Easter Eggs to complete and not to forget the
continuous grind to get the top rank for the most number of zombies wave survived/killed.

Treyarch has added a more modified version of the zombies mode in Black Ops Cold War by adding a
multiplayer to it but as of now there was only one map to play that is Die Maschine, however, a new
Black Ops Cold War Zombies DLC 1 leak suggests that players might be moving to Vietnam next.


Reliable Call of Duty leaker and insider TheGamingRevolution released a whole host of leaks and teasers that have already surfaced in the Zombies community.

In terms of the next map, it seems as if the previously teased Firebase Z will be in the Khe Sanh area of
Vietnam. For anyone who has completed the campaigns of previous Black Ops games, it seems as if the Khe
Sanh Combat Base will be the basis for Firebase Z.

Moreover the new map will also feature a boss fight to it just like the previous releases.
TheGamingRevolution suggests that this could be very much similar to the Cosmic Silverback from Dead Ops
Arcade because of all the Gorilla graffiti sprayed around Die Maschine.

Part Starts at 1:00

And just like any other leak this leak also does not have any official statement from Treyarch of Call of Duty
officials, But we will update you if we find any more details.

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