Black Ops Cold War maps are leaked as a part of upcoming unannounced Call of Duty 2020 game. According to the leakers, these maps will come along with the next CoD title.

Call of Duty 2020 is still a mystery for everyone, both the developing
franchise, Activision & Treyarch are still silent on the game details, but
players have been speculating about what it will be about, and there has
been a lot of leaks in the past regarding this next title.

The leaks are not stopping as a new leak from ‘TheGamingRevolution’
reveals the four multiplayer Black Ops cold war maps that are going
to be part of the next title.


Black Ops Cold War Maps in CoD 2020

In his May 28 leak reveal video he shares the name of our old CoD Maps,
Nuketown, Jungle, Summit and Firing Range all four of these maps are
very crucial part of Black Ops game and almost every CoD fan will
remember these maps instantly.

This leak was first covered by a twitter user @LongSensationYT whose
account is now suspended so he has shared the information from
another account.

All of these four has been part of Black Ops series and other CoD titles in the
past, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Nuketown, Jungle, Summit and Firing Range all of them were released in
BO1 and was later remastered in BO3, and BO4.

All of these Black Ops Cold War maps were in talks to return in 2020 Call of duty game and if this is true then we should be reliving some old memories from these maps soon.

None of this information has official confirmation so we advise you
to take this leaks with a grain of salt, the past leaks also suggest that
2020 Call of Duty game will be a soft reboot of Black Ops.

We will keep updating you if we find any further information of the upcoming Call of Duty 2020 game.

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