2K Games studio – developers of the new game – BioShock 4 has posted a job listing for an open-world game inside the BioShock franchise. The Job position says a lot about the upcoming plans of the game.

It has been quite some time since the release of the latest BioShock game. However, according to the revealed information, it seems like a brand new open-world game along with some side quests might be in the works.

The studio in work has posted multiple different new job positions. In the first part, they mention that they are looking for someone who has good experience in open-world game settings.

The first Job description reads “We’re hoping to find someone who can weave impactful, character-driven stories in an open world setting,”

Following that, they also mention that they are looking for a person who can also create some side quests along with the open-world game.

The suitable person will also be responsible to “brainstorm primary and secondary mission content with design,” they say.

Moreover, In the BioShock 4 Job Listing they clearly mentions that they are looking for someone who has “strongly desired” knowledge about Unreal Engine 4.

In addition to that, they are also looking for a senior world designer who can “design and create systemic world moments, as well as bespoke quests, that breathe life into the game.”

For the position of AI developer they say, we are looking for a candidate who can “create a vision for a meaningful AI urban crowd system” and “help to push the envelope of what is possible with interactive crowd systems.”

Well, from what we can say about the release date is – it is not anytime soon, cause they are still figuring out what story they want to portray and in the past, we have already witnessed a fully planned Bioshock game being cancelled.