Kingdom Come Deliverance Best Weapons and Sword: It is an action role-playing game that takes place in medieval times.

The game is developed by Warhorse Studios and published by Deep Silver. The game was launched back in February 2018 on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game’s story revolves around Henry, a young apprentice blacksmith who unfortunately gets caught up in between a conflict for control and territory in the Kingdom of Bohemia.

Kingdom Come Deliverance offers players a vast open-world environment with various weapons and armor to collect, craft, and upgrade. However, all these weapons have different attributes like speed, and players need to know which one to use depending on the situation they are facing.

What are the best weapons in Kingdom Come Deliverance? 

The Best Longsword in KCD

The best Longsword in Kingdom Come Deliverance is St. George’s Sword. In fact, for many, St. George’s Sword is at the top of the pile of the best weapons in Kingdom Come Deliverance


The Longsword in KCD is a highly versatile weapon in Kingdom Come Deliverance due to its long reach, high damage output, and accuracy. Players can make the most of this weapon by paying close attention to their positioning and timing when using it, the sword requires high skills to master it. Anyone can use this weapon effectively until they have high sword skills.

The Best Mace in KCD

Maces are easily among the best weapons in Kingdom Come Deliverance, and the best Mace in KCD is widely considered to be the Cermonial Mace


The Mace is a type of blunt weapon that is effective in crushing armor and shields. Even though it is not as versatile as the Longsword, it can surely deliver significant damage and is especially useful against heavily armored opponents. Comparing the sharpness of the two weapons, the blunt force of a Mace is more effective against plate armor.

The Best Bow in KCD

The best Bow in Kingdom Come Deliverance is the Yew Longbow, which can be bought from Berthold the huntsman in Rattay, or located in the Treasure Map I chest. 

The Bow is a ranged weapon in Kingdom Come Deliverance that enables players to attack enemies from a distance, making it an excellent option for taking out enemies without engaging in close combat. Moreover, the bow is also ideal for hunting wildlife in the game. However, mastering the Bow requires high skill and practice as players need to account for arrow drop, distance, and the target’s movement.

The Best Axe in KCD

The best axe in the game is the Metal-Plated Battle Axe.

The Axe in Kingdom Come Deliverance is a powerful weapon that can cause devastating damage to enemies, especially those without armor. Considering its astonishing ability to chop off limbs, it can even permanently cripple enemies. However, its short range makes it less effective against enemies with longer weapons. Timing and positioning are crucial when using the Axe in combat.

The Best Dagger in KCD

The best dagger in KCD is the Ornamental Dagger, which can be found in the Sasau Monastery during the A Needle in a Haystack quest. After finding the dagger in the dormitories, the Worldy Goods quest will be activated.


The Dagger is one of the quickest and most lethal weapons that are great for quick attacks in a close battle. It has a high damage output and is especially effective against opponents with light armor. Nonetheless, wielding a Dagger successfully requires some high skill to handle, but in the right hands, it may be the most lethal weapon in KCD.

The Best Sabre in KCD

Sabres are one of the weakest weapons in KCD, their sole true advantage being that they appear in abundance due to the Cumans’ massive carrying capacity.


The best Sabre in Kingdom Come Deliverance is the Decorated Sabre which has high Stab (58) and Slash (42) damage, along with a decent Defence stat (69). It can be found in the grave of Menhart after the All that Glisters quest. 

The Best Shortsword in KCD

Shortswords are many people’s first pick of weapon type in the game because you might be holding a shield while using one, and there are a vast variety of shortswords available.


The best shortsword in KCD, in my opinion, is the Noble Sword. It is a great all-rounder and has good Stab (61), Slash (61), Defence (75), and Charisma (18) attributes. It can be found by locating the chest in Treasure map XIII, or as loot from defeating Hagen Zoul.

The Best Hunting Sword in KCD


The best Hunting Sword in KCD is Noble’s Hunting Sword. The sword features the highest Stab damage (48) and the second-highest Slash damage (43) of all the hunting swords in the game. 

Other great hunting swords include the Falchion, and the Cleaver.


Finally, Kingdom Come Deliverance has a wide variety of weapons to choose from each weapon has advantages and disadvantages, and it is critical to select the appropriate one for each occasion. This post has given you useful information about the greatest weapons in Kingdom Come Deliverance and how to use them successfully. Players can become a force to be reckoned with in the Kingdom of Bohemia by mastering these weapons.