Free Fire is one of the trending Battle Royale games on mobile along with PUBG, Fortnite. And here I am sharing Best Guns in Free fire guide with you along with full weapons stats and some free fire tips & tricks.

In order to become a pro player, you need to know every detail about your guns like magazine size, bullet range, Damage and other stuff.

So let’s get started with Free fire tips & weapons guide.

List of Top 5 Weapons in Free Fire

Best guns in Free Fire – Long-range Assault Rifles (Non-Airdrop)

1. AK


Weapon Stats

DamageRangeMag. CapacityAttachments

Pros of AK

  1. Useful in both Long and short-range fights
  2. High Damage Weapon

Cons of AK

  1. High Recoil

2. Scar


Weapon Stats

DamageRangeMag. CapacityAttachments

Pros of Scar

  1. Low Recoil Weapon

Cons of Scar

  1. Less Damage

3. Famas


Weapon Stats

DamageRangeMag. CapacityAttachments

Pros of Famas

  1. High Fire Rate

Best Free fire Guns Sniper Rifles (Non- Airdrop)

1. Dragunov


Weapon Stats

DamageRangeMag. CapacityAttachments

Pros of Dragunov

  1. High Damage
  2. Best for Long Range
  3. High Fire Rate

2. Kar98K

Weapon Stats

DamageRangeMag. CapacityAttachments

Pros of Kar98k

  1. High Damage
  2. Extreme Accuracy

3. SKS


Weapon Stats

DamageRangeMag. CapacityAttachments

Pros of SKS

  1. High Range and Damage

Cons of SKS

  1. Lesser Fire rate

Best Free Fire Guns Short Range (Non-Airdrop)

1. Spas12


Weapon Stats

DamageRangeMag. CapacityAttachments

Pros of Spas 12

  1. Deadly for Short Range Fights

Cons of Spas 12

  1. Short Range
  2. Less Accuracy

2. MP40


Weapon Stats

DamageRangeMag. CapacityAttachments

Pros of MP 40

  1. Easy to use
  2. High Rate of Fire

Cons of MP 40

  1. Less Damage
  2. Poor Accuracy

3. M1014


Weapon Stats

DamageRangeMag. CapacityAttachments

Pros of M1014

  1. One-shot kill in Short Range

Cons of M1014

  1. Poor Accuracy

4. P90


Weapon Stats

DamageRangeMag. CapacityAttachments

Pros of P90

  1. Extreme powerful for Run and Gun
  2. High Magazine Capacity

Cons of P90

  1. Low Range

Best Long Range Assault Rifle (Airdrop)

1. Groza – Rare to Find gun in Free Fire


Weapon Stats

DamageRangeMag. CapacityAttachments

Pros of Groza

  1. Best for Long, Mid & Short-range fire-fight

Cons of Groza

  1. Rare to Find gun in Free Fire

Best Long Range Sniper Rifle (Airdrop)

1. AWM – Rare to Find weapon in Free Fire


Weapon Stats

DamageRangeMag. CapacityAttachments

Pros of AWM

  1. Most Powerful gun in Free fire
  2. one-shot kill

Free Fire Tips and Tricks


#1 Understand Weapon Stats – Free Fire tips – 1

Choose the weapons combination according to your style of play.

If you have a level of 0 -15

Then most of your opponents will be bots so you can stick to P90 as it is deadly both in long-range and Short-range in Garena Free Fire.

If you are on level 16 – 30

You might want to stick to Ak or Groza for Long Range – because at this stage you must be a little bit aware of game’s gun mechanics.

And MP 40 or P90 for Short Range – Still your reflexes will not be that great so sticking to P90 or MP 40 for a short-range fight like in the end zone would be a great choice.

Level 30 – 45

At this point you are already good at the game and can handle a lot of different weapons so

For long-range

You can prefer  AWM, Kar98k or any other sniper rifle.

For Short Range

You can use Ak With Dragon or maybe scar or Groza.

Level 60 and above

You are already a god-like player.

At this point, you don’t need my suggestion you can decide your weapon combination on your own.

You can troll enemies with your different strategies.

Make Decisions According to Safe zones

The one thing that is unpredictable in any Battle Royale game is the way circle moves.

Although many peoples have different strategies to guess the next zone the exact location is always unpredictable.

And in these kinds of situations, you have to make proper decisions to move forward along with your team.

Always help your teammates don’t be that guy in the team who just runs here and there.

And having a proper next move will be the most crucial Free Fire tricks you need.

Engaging in a Firefight

There are some things you need to keep in mind before engaging in any fight.

#2 Free Fire tip – Decide whether you want to fight long range or short range, engage in firefight according to your weapon combination.

There will be moments when enemies will rush on you and you need to defend yourself so second point

#3 Look for Cover first – as a beginner or intermediate or even being a professional player do not try to engage in an Open Field it Is far riskier than rushing on enemies.

Use Houses, blasted cars and Trees as your cover.

#4 Safe zones – Always keep a track on Safe Zone and move accordingly because one wrong decision of looting rather than moving in safe zone will give your opponents an advantage to camp on the edges of Safe zone for you to come and die.

#5 looting Airdrops – Well Don’t rush as soon as you see an airdrop that can be a stupid thing to do, just wait to look around or use it as a bait for enemies. Use smoke grenades to Loot Drop boxes because it will make you less visible for your enemy to see.

#6 Last free Fire TipsMini Map – Keep checking Mini Map as it shows from where the shots are coming.

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