Minecraft is one of the most popular building games in Industry, but over the course of time players get bored of it so here we have a list of all the Best Games like Minecraft – 2020 Edition.

Minecraft is one of those which have their influence on other games and the games which
are in the Industry to stay for a very long period of time despite being old.

It have its influence on popular Battle Royale games like Fortnite & Rust.

Minecraft is the only non-competitive game which is dominating other competitive games.
And if you don’t know Minecraft was one of PewDiePie’s first-ever gaming videos.


Well, there is a lot of Minecraft mods which make this game more explorable, but just to
change your taste a little bit we are bringing in the Best Games or exact copies of Minecraft
but with different graphics and other stuff.

List of Best Games Like Minecraft

Desert Skies

In the game, you are stuck in between a Vast Desert and you are trying to survive the area,
but there is only one way to survive this deadly desert and that is to build an aircraft by
gathering materials from the wooden houses in the desert.

You can also upgrade your aircraft using loots that can be found in wooden houses but be
careful because these sands hide deadly creatures beneath it and they are starving from
very long time and will not think twice to eat you up.

The game features a Minecraft like a never-ending desert. The aircraft that you will be
building is a hot-air balloon tied to a wooden base.


If you are a Sci-Fi lover then you gonna like this game, this is a first-person survival game,
you are lost in an unknown(alien) planet after crash landing your ship, now you have a whole
ocean to explore as the planet is fully covered in water.

You need to gather food, drinking water and oxygen for your survival and the struggle is real, you will also find other things on the planet which can be used to upgrade your equipment,
expand your basecamp and build submersibles.

The game also has different modes where you can select what you want to do like you can explore the crash site to get a better understanding of how you ended up here, or you can go
to the rock bottom of the ocean to explore it, it all depends upon how you want to play the game.

Unturned (Best Games Like Minecraft)

Unturned is the upgraded graphics version of Minecraft with a day/night cycle to split
activities, although surviving in this game is a bit hard because of less inventory space
but you will make it through.

The day in the game is very bright and beautiful because of all those lovely block graphics
but the nights are equally dark and you become more vulnerable because of many zombies
are roaming outside and not just zombies but also bumping into players who are not friendly
can cost you your life.

Apart from zombies and players, there are pre-build houses, roads and cars that you can use
to grab supplies from a far location.

The sky is cloudy in the day and full of stars in the night and watching sunsets from the bank of the river makes the game more beautiful.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a farming game with a lot of fun ways to play, it is a chill & relaxing game
you have your grandfather’s farm where you can grow crops, gather resources, build,
explore mines and complete daily tasks, and to make it more interesting you can also interact
with other NPCs.

The game feels like kind of old pokemon game where we only had the top view.

Stardew Valley is very unique because it is not just a building game you also get to play as
other characters in-game over the course of in-game years and may get married to girls.

You can go fishing, explore mines or dug through your neighbour’s trash can and who knows
what kind of resource you can find there.

Volcanoids (Best Games Like Minecraft)

Volcanoids is a first-person survival game set in a steampunk universe, a world where both
humans and machine are interconnected, it is a volcano planet and you have to build a base
to keep yourself safe and moving, the base is called “Drillship” one of kind which can serve
both as a factory and a mobile base.

The island has tons and tons of volcanos all over it ready to erupt any moment, now in order
to keep yourself safe from these volcano eruptions you need to keep building your defence
base stronger but Volcanos aren’t our only problem there are a lot of robots on the map
which are ready to kill you.

The number of items that you can craft on this planet is huge and almost similar to Minecraft
so why don’t you give it a try and see how your imagination works.

Portal Knights

Portal Knights is just another Minecraft game where you can create characters and give
them abilities according to three races present in the game, these are Ranger, Warrior and Mage.

The game can be played both in third-person and first-person also there are a lot of activities
to select from and relax.

Mainly there are three ways to play this game, Combat, Explore or Build. In Combat mode you
can go on a search for other enemies and use resources to keep upgrading your character’s
weapons, In Explore mode you can go on to explore the Portal Knights world and what other
things it has to offer, and lastly in Build mode you can expand your house, lake etc by
gathering resources and building them together.

Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builders is a combination of Dragon Quest series story and Minecraft building
mechanics, In the game you are the one and only Builder left from Alefgard who can create
structures after the world went to chaos and now you have to recreate buildings and base
for other NPC.

In order to create those structures, you need to explore the open-world map of the game
and gather items starting with your bare hands, there are plenty of resources to collect
like branches, gathering these items will also give you rewards.

But however, the ultimate goal of the game is to build more efficiently and attract NPCs to live in your town and you need to keep them safe from the outside threats, it is like you are
their King and they need your protection and shelter, the game has different chapters
which will help you master different areas of expertise like cultivation, crafting and combat.

Trove (Similar game like Minecraft)

Trove is a free-to-play MMORPG where you can choose whatever character you want to play
and leave on a long run to explore the never-ending world, the game shares a vast range of
building mechanics from Minecraft but on an upgraded level in skills like combat, building etc,

The game also features a lot of rewards which you can earn by exploring and gathering items.

Trove is a very flexible game there is no limitation on what you can build, you can literally
build everything that comes on your mind, a flying car – you can build it, want to ride a horse
you can build it, If you want to just explore the worlds you can create a home base where you
can secure all your findings and gear. Trove is a complete pack of resources for any creative person out there.


Starbound is yet another version of Minecraft where you can build, craft and fight aliens from different planets. Unlike Minecraft which is set in 3-D universe Starbound is set in a 2-D universe.

You can build colonies of your own and bring them to life to live around you. And there are
many quests that you may want to solve while on a trip.

You can take down these enemies or build crafts either solo or friends online, there is no limitation on crafting you can craft anything or everything you like, you can travel to
different planets to acquire items and use them to build your base where you can store
everything you find on your way home.

Starbound is a complete pack for Minecraft lovers the only difference is you can travel to other planets also.


Terraria was released back in 2011 and back then it was considered as a 2D version of Minecraft and not much people were into it. But over the course of eight long years, Terraria has very much evolved into a whole new game.

Now there are a lot more challenging quests and combats.

The game focuses more on Combat side than the usual block building game, it has a huge
range of weapons and equipment to try out and also there are a lot more hidden quests
which you can uncover while exploring the open-world map and trying out different weapons.

On completion of the quest you will unlock NPCs which will work at your base for you, you
can unlock a Wizard or Nurse etc. All of these NPCs contribute a huge amount on your victory
over bosses and helps you advance your skills which will result in stronger bosses.

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