Gaming Industry as a whole has evolved a lot since the introduction of Battle Royale games and if you really like to grind in games then here we have a list of Top 10 Best Competitive Games 2021 that you should play right now.

Why Competitive Games

ESports is a big thing now and many players are making a career out of it, competitive games make you feel
alive when that adrenaline kicks in after every kill or win – it is estimated that eSports will create $1.79 billion per year by 2022.

The current situation of the games is that they are receiving more updates than any other software in the
market – every week or you can say every week they are receiving updates like new content, gameplay
rebalancing, and QoL advancements.

The Games

There is plenty of option to choose from when we talk about competitive genre and bigger and bigger
titles are joining the category – there is something for everyone in this category if you are an FPS lover then
you have the real og Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Want to perform Kobe shots NBA and Take-Two Interactive has your back with NBA games series, Really Likes roaming around looting weapons and killing
people you got Battle Royale games like Player Unkown’s Battlegrounds.

Well there are a lot of games to choose but how to figure out the best from all of them, do not worry We’ve
rounded up the top 10 best competitive games for various platforms to choose from in 2021.

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List of Top 10 Best Competitive Games 2021

1. Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

Credit: Virre CSGO
  • Platform: PC, Mac, Linux, PS3, Xbox 360
  • Genre: First-person Shooter
  • Developer: Valve Corporation

2012 released Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or better known as CSGO is one of the most played
competitive games in the world – it’s predecessors like Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source are also of one of the best. Counter-Strike franchise is a series of games for the competitive genre. In 2018 Valve
(developing company) decided to make it free-to-play which worked as fuel to its ever-burning popularity fire.

Despite being this old and new games coming in market daily the game hasn’t lost it’s popularity till date, it
gets consistent updates in terms of new maps, characters, weapons, and game modes.

One can easily judge its importance in competitive scene that almost every gamer in the world have started
his/her career with playing Counter-Strike.

The game hosts multiple eSports tournaments every year worth millions of dollars prize pool. So if you
are just starting up then you should start with this game.

2. Overwatch

Credit: PlayOverwatch
  • Platform: Xbox One, PS4, PC
  • Genre: First-person Shooter
  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch is not the first hero-shooter game, this area was earlier dominated by Valve’s Team Fortress 2.
It is more of a team based game, it requires the effort of all members of the team. It have the same colorful levels, multiple game modes that focus on teams attacking and defending, and cool characters with vastly different play styles just life TF2.

The game gets constant updates, fixing bugs and sometimes doing a whole rework than buffing characters,
which have both negative and positive effects, negative effects are for players who have already mastered
the hero – they need to learn all the new moves again, positive side is that the game always have something
new for players.

Overwatch is also one of the biggest eSports title with multiple tournaments going on including the Overwatch World Cup.

3. Dota 2

Credit: Dota2
  • Platform: PC
  • Genre: Battle Arena
  • Developer: Valve Corporation

Dota 2 is another competitive title from Valve, it holds the title of most played game on steam despite being
an multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. The game works on a very simple playstyle – four players
are dropped in the map to defend their territory and attack opponents territory.

One of the coolest features of this game is the massive 100 diverse heroes roster all having unique abilities/skills – it gives players variety of game styles to try out while defending their territory.

Dota 2 is a “Easy to learn and hard to Master” game because of its diverse roster it takes time for every
player to find out their skill specific hero and master it.

MOBA games are hard to understand for unknown players but that doesn’t affect Dota 2’s popularity, the
annual Dota 2 International has insane cash pots (more than $30 million!) and multiple tournaments
being held all over the world.

If you start playing this game once you will never get bored of it.

4. Fortnite

Credit: Fortnite
  • Platform: PC, various platforms
  • Genre: Battle Royale
  • Developer: Epic Games

Fortnite is one of the best Battle Royale game out there, releasing in 2017 the game has been a massive
hit. Players are grinding day and night in the game – earning vbucks to buy new skins and cosmetics
which are updated every week or month.

There are many modes in the game which players uses to show their creativity level – there are also
weekly challenges which unlocks many skins and cosmetics as rewards.

Epic always tries to keep entertaining their fans with new content and events – collaborating with singers
and celebrities is a tradition which is introduced by Epic Games, in the past Fortnite has collaborated
with Marshmello, Travis Scott and many more.

Apart from being the best it is also one of the biggest eSports game launching tournaments worth millions
of dollars as prize money, 2019’s inaugural Fortnite World Cup saw 16-year-old Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf take home $3 million from a $30 million prize pool.

5. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Credit: IGN
  • Platform: Xbox One, PS4, PC
  • Genre: First-person Shooter
  • Developer: Activision

Call of Duty is one of the biggest gaming franchise having multiple games series and many of you might
already be familiar with the names, the latest instalment is the Black Ops 4 Blackout mode which is a
battle royale game but have tons of unique features which make it stand out from its competitors like
PUBG and Fortnite.

Its Battle Royale map is the biggest ever on any Call of Duty game, the locations on the map may give
some players nostalgic feeling as there are multiple fan-favourite locations from other CoD games.

Call of Duty is no stranger in eSports – hosting a ton of big tournaments like Call of Duty League and
many others, what makes this game even more special is its performance, consistent frame rates and
better matchmaking than any other battle royale game that’s why it is on our list of Best Competitive Games 2021

6. Rocket League

Credit: Gamespot Trailers
  • Platform: PS4, Switch, Xbox, PC, Mac
  • Genre: Vehicular Soccer Game
  • Developer: Psyonix

2015 released Rocket League has become one of the trending competitive games in 2020 and its fan
base is growing each and every day, the game features full cross-play across all major platforms.
In November the game had over 128 thousand active players which is a big number for vehicluar
soccer game of this kind.

The game is full of thrills, explosive hits, and thrilling shots on goal is a raw thrill, it is no only fun
for the players but also players – its a treat to eyes watching professional players hitting goals from
the centre of the ground.

However the game does requires a lot of skills because Rocket League follows strict real-life physics,
which makes it difficult to understand where the ball is going to drop and once you have that figured
out you can combine it with your aerial maneuvers and flips to hit the goal post.

It is a virtual soccer game so the rules are exactly same as real-world soccer game – players need to
score goals by hitting ball into opponent’s goal post.

7. League of Legends

Credit: Gamespot Trailers
  • Platform: PC, Mac
  • Genre: Battle Arena
  • Developer: Riot Games

League of Legends is one of the most played MOBA competitive game almost ruling the category.
The game features fast-paced gameplay and over 140 Champions broken up into five distinct classes.

The game has been in the industry since over a decade and over these years its player base has been
a roller-coaster ride, however despite it the game’s popularity has been intact with no one even
coming nearby its fan base in the category. No doubt why it is one the list of one of the Best Competitive Games 2021, apart from this – the game is fairly popular on both Twitch and YouTube as one of the most
streamed games.

The 2009 released game features a mix of everything – fantasy, steampunk, and horror elements
which makes it stand out from others in the category.

It also holds one of the biggest eSports tournament in the world – League of Legends Championship Series. The tournament boasts a prize pool of more than $2 million.

8. Team Fortress 2

Credit: TeamFortress
  • Platform: PC, Mac
  • Genre: First-person Shooter
  • Developer: Valve Corporation

Team Fortress 2 is another superhit first-person shooter game from Valve corporation, it has once
ruled the title of “best competitive game” at the time of its release – which is now been awarded to
Dota 2 which is also part of Valve Corporation. However, this does not mean the game is dead – it
still receives consistent QoL updates and weapon balancing updates time to time.

The most important part of any game’s success is its community and how they accept it, and it
would not be wrong if we say that Team Fortress 2 has one of the best gaming community with
players trying to keep the game fresh, releasing new user-generated content in the form of maps,
skins, and everyone’s favorite, hats.

However, there has been no addition to the line of 9 characters in the game ever – each of these
nine characters have different and unique abilities. The game is the sequel to the 1996 Team Fortress mod for Quake and its 1999 remake, Team Fortress Classic. It was released in October 2007 as part of The Orange Box video game bundle.

9. Apex Legends

Credit: Gamecheckup
  • Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Genre: Battle Royale
  • Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Launched on 4 February 2019 Apex Legends is one of the best battle royale and competitive games
in the industry. It has proved to be the best rival of PUBG and Fortnite with multiple Legends and
new one being added at the beginning of every season. The game is developed by Respawn
Entertainment – they are also the developer of Titanfall 2.

Currently, the game features a total of 14 Legends in the game, each of them has different and
unique abilities divided into multiple sections – Tactical ability and Passive ability, apart from that
all these characters have their own back story about how they ended up in Apex Legends, some
of them are here for Revenge while some dropped here by accident. At the time of writing this
article there is a total of three maps available in the game: Worlds Edge, Kings Canyon and Olympus.

The developer also keeps experimenting different features time to time like Players vs Environment
modes, adding new skins and cosmetics and many other stuff. It is a game worth trying.

10. Teamfight Tactics

Credit: Gamecheckup
  • Platform: PC
  • Genre: Auto battler
  • Developer: Riot Games

Auto battler games is a new trend in the competitive games industry and it is surely going to be the same in 2021 also and TeamFight Tactics is one of the most played game in the genre featuring  elements from LoL’s universe, including appearances from recognizable Champions.

Teamfight Tactics is an auto battler game developed and published by Riot Games. The game is a spinoff of League of Legends and is based on Dota Auto Chess, where players compete online against seven other opponents by building a team to be the last one standing.

You form a team of seven opponents to defeat waves of minions, the game is the best starter for
anyone who is looking for their way into Auto battler genre and become a competitive player.

TeamFight Tactics is a free-to-play game. You need to play the game very strategically, here are some tips that you should keep in mind while playing the game.

  1. Champion basics. Buy the same unit three times to get an upgrade
  2. Keep your mind on your money
  3. Positioning is key
  4. Make the RNG work for you
  5. Don’t get baited
  6. The importance of items
  7. Do your research

So, these are all the top 10 best competitive games of 2021 that you can play right now, however we will keep updating this list time to time and if you thing we have missed any game do let us know in the comment section and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for gaming updates.

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