Ben Askren vs Jake Paul fight has taken a new turn after one of the contenders admits that he might lose to Jake if he ends up being “really good” trained.

Ben vs Jake is officially happening and many of the fans are eagerly waiting for the day when they both will stand face to face.

Well, this fight is still unbelievable as the balance of their fighting experience is still disconcerting, but it is happening and fans are really excited about that.


To know more about this fight and help them promote the event, Logan invited Ben to Episode 272 of the Impaulsive Podcast. They talked about a lot of things on the podcast and the whole conversation was quite healthy.

However, at a point in the podcast ben started to talk about his small fear because of Jake’s legitimacy as a fighter.

“He beat up a YouTuber and a basketball player who likely has never been in any type of fight in his whole life,” Askren said.

“What about that makes him good?”

“He’s only fought two times against guys who weren’t really all that high level. So, his skill as a combat athlete probably is not that high yet, and it’s going to take a while to get there.”

Moreover while talking about Ben Askren vs Jake Paul fight, Ben admitted that he might lose if Jake’s trained well.

“There’s a chance he’s really good. And if he’s really, really good, he’s going to beat me.”

Although, he then mentions that he would not let that happen.

“Have you ever [seen] a kid warming up, and you’re like, ‘damn, he’s kind of slick.’ Then you see him out there in [a] match, and it’s not going his way, and he’s not the same guy anymore. He’s a different guy. That’s kind of what I’m expecting.”

The fight is scheduled to April 17 and that date is not too far from where we are standing right now.

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