Beast Boy Shub is a Gaming Content Creator having more than 2.36 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Recently, Beast Boy Shub talked/thanked his audience for genuine comments under his video.

Now, what do I mean by “Genuine Comments”.

Well, if you are not familiar with the current Indian YouTube scene so, basically what’s happening is big content creators like Carryminati, BB Ki Vines Ashish Chanclani and many others are getting bot comments under there video like this

Fake comments are increasing day by day in YouTube

On his recent Instagram stories, he thanked his audience for not letting these fake/bot comments take over the original comments.

He said: “I just wanna say thank you so much, aap mein se jo bhi hai jinhone aaj ki latest video pe comments kiye ( to those who commented on the latest video). aise hi comment krdiya kro video pe kuch na kuch (keep commenting original things like this on video).

Kuki mai woh stupid comments ko dur rkhna chata hu apne channel se (Because i want to keep those stupid comments away from my channel), And you guys know what stupid comments I am talking about.

And the young YouTuber at the end also hinted about his upcoming video saying “yeh cheej maine bahot time phle se soch rkhi thi ki mai comments ke upr ek video bnanunga (i have this thought on my mind for a really long time, making a video on these spammy comments)”.

Not only Beast Boy Shub but Carryminati, BB ki Vines and Ashish Chanchlani has also talked about this.

Carryminati Tweeted:

While BB ki Vines Posted some Instagram stories regarding this and urged his fans to post some nice original comments “as I get Vitamins and proteins from them – BB said”

YouTube really needs to look into this matter as these bots are spamming everywhere.

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