A new Battlegrounds Mobile India website has been launched following the shutdown of the old PUBG Mobile India website.

PUBG Mobile India or newly named Battleground Mobile India has been all over the internet in the last week.

Starting with the official YouTube account accidentally releasing four teasers of the game’s comeback then, the removal of all Facebook posts, and renaming PUBG Mobile India Facebook page name to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Now, they have deleted all the posts from their Instagram account, all these actions point towards the comeback of the game.

Moreover, the old website of PUBG Mobile India has been taken down and the new website is up and running. You can click here to visit the new website.

Here is the Whois data of the newly launched website:


On opening the website the first thing that you will notice is the “Comming Soon” banner moving on you will find a news article titled “KRAFTON announces BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA” at the end of the website you will find an official YouTube channel link.

Inside the article it is clearly mentioned that the game will have a pre-registration event before the launch and the game is only made for Indian audience.

“BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA, a battle royale experience, will have a period of pre-registration before the launch. The game will be available to play only in India.”

However, the old website is completely shutdown.


Yesterday, Ghatak one of the big names in PUBG Mobile India and a team member of TSM Entity Tweeted:

“BIG DAY TOMORROW. Few mobile gamers that suddenly became PC games will also join. Mark my words.”

All the changes that are being made to all the old PUBG Mobile India social media accounts point to only one thing that is the official comeback of “PUBG Mobile India” or “Battlegrounds Mobile India”.

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