PUBG (Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds) was released back in 2017 on PC – It became one of the Most Popular game in its genre then afterwards comes Fortnite, Apex legends and many others but no one could ever match the reality level of PUBG – if you are addicted to PUBG and also bored of playing it here we have top 14 Battle Royale games like PUBG – this list consists of games which released after and before PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds and all of these games have the same concept as of PUBG but with a little bit of tuning here and there.

Battle Royale Games Like PUBG

H1Z1: King of the Kill – The most criticized game


Release Date: 28, February 2018

Available Platforms: PC

H1Z1 is a third-person shooter/survival game featuring a Battle Royale mode like PUBG.

Furthermore, the game’s Battle Royale mode was developed in collaboration with PUBG developers.

The game includes a crafting feature like Minecraft where you can craft ammo, healing and many different items by gather resources from the environment.

King of the Kill has a huge community of Players grinding in-game.

A newbie can also play this game with ease, H1Z1 has a simpler user interface and cheaper price which makes this game more accessible to others.

Rust: Battle Royale – Naked one


Release Date: 11, December 2013

Available Platforms: PC, Ps4, Xbox

Rust is developed by Facepunch Studios – according to them the whole point of the game is to survive under extreme conditions.

Owning to which you spawn wearing literally nothing and with just a rock in hand.

You have to roam around the entire map naked in search of items, clothing, food and weapons to defend yourself.

Rock can be used to cut down trees and also as a melee weapon to kill people.

The fun part of the game is you can team up with enemies to kill other players.

In Battle Royale mode you will compete against 100 players to become the last man standing and what makes this game more entertaining than PUBG is you will witness people running naked while being chased by another naked player with full dedication of killing the other with a rock.



Release Date: 12, September 2013

Available Platform: PC

ARMA 3 is the core of most popular PlayerUnkown’s Battleground’s game as it was developed by Brendan Greene to experiment different PvP modes and created the first-ever Battle Royale mode.

It was later called as “COD of DayZ”.

If you want to experience and know the existence of PUBG try this game but do not expect much at it was created 5 years back.

Brendan Greene created this Mod on the basis of the year 2000’s movie “Battle Royale”.

But the only bad thing about Arma 3 is that you can only play it solo – if you are a solo player then this game is worth trying.

There are still many players playing this game even in 2020 so you won’t feel left alone in the server.

And the fact that it was created by the same developers of PUBG makes it one of the best alternative battle royale games like PUBG to try out in 2020.

COD Black Ops 4 Blackout


Release Date: 12, October 2018

Available Platform: PC, PS4 and  Xbox One

A Battle Royale game from COD Franchise – is there any reason for it to be bad?

Well no, the game features a Battle Royale mode obviously and also other COD campaign modes which make it stand out and stand better than PUBG.

After the release of its Battle Royale mode featuring most love locations from other Black ops multiplayer games, the game replaced PUBG.

Big streamers like Ex CS: GO Pro “Shroud” and Streamers like Dr Disrespect picked the game over PUBG.

If you are looking for the game like PUBG but with better graphics, mechanics and everything basically a better version of PUBG, then COD Black Ops 4 Blackout is your go-to game.

Apex Legends – Overwatch with a Battle Royale mode?

Release Date: 4, February 2019

Available Platform: PC

PlayerUnkown’s Battleground was the most popular Battle Royale game until 2019 when Apex legends arrived and it took over PUBG’s popularity completely with its unique fast-paced gameplay, Titan fall like game characters and gun mechanics like Overwatch.

It was like “everyone is a gangster until the real gangster arrives” kind of thing.

Apex Legends crossed 25 million player base in its first week of release.

But, Apex Legends has always been the centre of attraction for leaks as every new character is leaked way before releasing into the game.

It is because all the characters of the game have the same genes as Titan Fall 2 Character which gives leakers a handy hand to guess what new abilities will the upcoming character could have.

The game is more like PUBG x Overwatch.

And It is also the best around free to Play Battle Royale games on PC genre, so you should definitely try this out. It is the Best alternative Battle Royale games for PUBG



Release Date: 21, July 2017

Available Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, iPad and iPhone

Fortnite was the first free battle royale game to be available on PC and Console.

The concept of the game was similar – 100 players jump down and fight for being the last man standing – or for “Victory Royale”.

Fortnite was always in a bad spotlight like being publicly called by PlayerUnkown Battlegrounds for copying their concept to suing a teenager for hacking in-game.

But, what makes Fortnite stand out of others?

Well, first it is free to play battle royale game second, you can craft structures in-game and also surf rockets to travel moreover you can place traps inside places to eliminate your enemies.

Then you have a lot of skins to play with and updates every week till season 1.

Whereas, Fortnite also keeps collaborating with real-life celebrities and movie releases to bring something new for there players.

Like they collaborated with Marshmello, Alan walker then they collaborated with movie releases like Avengers and Star Wars.

This game is worth trying and if you are planning to play this any soon make sure to surf on the Rocket – It is one of the best free Battle Royale games like PUBG

Ring of Elysium


Release Date: 19, September 2018

Available Platform: PC

Ring of Elysium is a free battle Royale game for PC with similarities of PUBG and some Fortnite.

Well, Ring of Elysium entered the gaming market with a title of mobile game but now it has converted into a full PC game.

The one thing that makes it different from other battle Royale titles is the way it is for new users.

As a new player, you can select your spawn point and also know where others are dropping out in the map.

It has a battle pass like Fortnite, a big map to play hours and hours on, and the mobility of the game is just insane.

Download the game and give it a try you will be more than amazed after playing this game.

Ark: Survival of the Fittest


Release Date: 2, June 2015

Available Platform: PC

Ark: Survival of the fittest came afterwards of Survival Evolved.

Survival evolved was set  back in time when dinosaurs were alive, but looking at the craze of Battle Royale games Ark developers created a new game mode Ark: Survival of the fittest

In this mode unlike normal battle royale games you fight against 72 players to stand out alone you can play either solo or in tribes  – as the game is set during the era of Dinosaurs.

And the terrific part of the game is you don’t only have to worry about players but also Dinosaurs and other deadly beast and also the mother nature.

Moreover, you can also summon these dinosaurs to fight and kill your enemies – but they are super easy to kill.

Try this game and I assure you won’t regret trying it.

The Culling


Release Date: 5, October 2017

Available Platform: PC & Xbox One

The culling was first released as a story-based first-person shooter game and later they developers added a battle royale mode to it – the game is inspired for the Japanese movie “The Culling”.

The game falls into the category of Hunger Games where 16 players are killing each other to grab points on the scoreboard and whoever have the most points wins the game.

Other than players you have to also avoid environmental hazards that can kill you.

Many items are implemented in-game for you to use – you can also use earned points to upgrade your weapons.

The graphics of the game are very vibrant and gives a horrified ghostly feel.

You can play in teams of 2 players each with a maximum of 16 players at a time.

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds


Release Date: 5, June 2018

Available Platform: PC

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is the best battle royale game that can cut the seriousness of PUBG.

You will laugh every time you play this game as the characters of the game are pretty funny than normal battle royale games.

It features all the mechanics of PUBG.

It is an extremely funny parody of PUBG

The game is hilarious with players falling around the map and it is worse when you put them in your ridiculous skins or the cars that you create.

Try this game on your own risk you can die laughing XD.

Alternatives For PUBG Mobile

Garena Free Fire


Release Date: 20, November 2017

Available Platform: Android & ios

Free Fire is one of the four hottest battle royale game on android and ios.

The concept of the game is exactly like PUBG but with some extra touches here and there.

The game starts with a number of 50 players – unlike the regular 100 players dropping in PUBG, then the player has to follow the exact same things loot and kill and become the last man standing.

The game has good graphics and controls.

Moreover, Free fire also has tournaments around the globe so if you are looking for any e-sports career give this game a try.

Rules of Survival – One you can play both on PC and Mobile


Release Date: 15 November 2017

Available Platform: Android, iOS, Pc and Mac

Rules of Survival can be played both on Pc and Mobile devices just like PUBG.

But, unlike any other battle royale game rules of survival features a lobby of maximum 120 players at a time.

The map of the game is pretty huge and there are tons of weapons and vehicles around the map to play with.

If you have a low-end pc and want to experience PUBG like scenarios well this is a good game for that.

Knives Out


Release Date: 23, November 2017

Available Platform: Android & iOs

The game approaches battle royale mode differently than others – in this game you need focus on Helmet and Body Armours than weapons because Hemet, Body Armour and Backpack plays a big role in helping you win the match.

Knives Out is more popular in china than PUBG.

Knives out is said to be the exact copy of PUBG Mobile.

It is an intense battle royale game but you are most likely to be shot from the back as the game provides enough opportunities for your opponents to look at you before you even notice.

The best alternative for PUBG mobile is Knives out and you should definitely try out this game.

Call of Duty Mobile


Release Date: 1, October 2019

Available Platform: Android & iOs

Call of Duty Mobile is the mobile version of Call of Duty Blackout – it is also a battle royale like PUBG.

In this battle royale mode, you can select classes ranging from defensive to medics to offensive and many other.

You can also upgrade your abilities in-game by finding rare upgradable elements around the map – there are 4 of them.

In the first 5 matches, you will deal have extra bots in your match and the numbers will start decreasing as you will play the game on and on just like pubg mobile.

You also get a re-deployable wing suit just like blackout – you can use it to jump off buildings and travel far distances.

And same like Blackout as soon as you jump off there is a rush to grab weapons – because you don’t want to be get caught empty-handed and die immediately.

There are many weapons to play around in the game then there is mystery box which is guarded by a hellhound and you can not defeat him alone so always bring your squad with you to loot a mystery box.

I personally recommend this game and it is worth trying it is the best battle royale game like PUBG.

That is all with the List of Top 15 Battle Royale games like PUBG and PUBG Mobile

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