Batman’s next gaming title has been leaked and it is called “Batman Arkham Legacy”.

The flawless data miner Sabi mainly known for his most accurate leaks during E3 2019 had once again gifted us with his new tweet talking about Batman’s next gaming title.

And why do we trust him? Because his leaks are so perfect that it led him to be threatened with legal action by Nintendo.

His tweet is divided into two major parts.

  1. What is the name of the next Batman game?
  2. What characters would be playable in the next Batman title?

The answer to the first question is already been understood by you that is “Batman: Arkham Legacy”.

But that is not important instead what important is “What characters would be playable in the next title?”.

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The new Batman game is expected to feature the Batman family including:

” Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood” and Batgirl. whereas there are also some downloadable addons.

For Villans Sabi tweeted this:

WB Games Montreal official twitter handle had recently teased their audience with some glimpse of an upcoming game which confirms the existence of the game in the first place.

But here is a twist

Sony’s September State of Play where it was expected to release a superhero game has ended without anywhere mentioning the new Batman Game.

Studion is not mentioning anything anywhere about the game, but recent activities have left people in a thought that they are ready with the game to be launched soon. And here soon refers to days and not months.

Epic Games have recently partnered with WB to make The Batman Arkham games free on Epic games.

But, there is no news about this partnership working further for future games to be appearing on the Epic Store.

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