Australia fires: Developers, streamers, players and content creators around the globe have united to raise funding for Australian bushfire disaster.

Australia is currently burning with the worst bushfire in history with the death of over half a million animals, 25 people and more than 16 million acres of land being burned while you read this article.

After receiving no media coverage for days streamer Paladin Amber addressed and asked help for the issue.


And in support of her big streamers like “Pokimane”, “Dakotaz, and “DrLupo” and many developers around the world have united to spread awareness and raise money for charity.

The whole world is feeling the pain of Australia right now and everyone is trying to support them and the first one to come forward is the Gaming Industry.

The Click Crew – Australian streamer group organised a charity of over $250,000 for the Rural Fire Service in Australia during their 36-hour marathon. They received donations from streamers like Dakotaz – Fortnite superstar donated $20,000 to the charity.

Australia fires – Charity

Other gaming charity groups like Gamer Aid Australia and GenerOZity have also raised thousands of dollars around the country.

Gamer Aid partnered with Misfits – Youtube group and released merchandise for people to buy and the money collected in the sale will all be going to the charity.

Offline Tv Stars like “Pokimane” has reunited her fans base and asked them to help by saying “please donate to help the crisis in Australia”.

Whereas DrLupo has shared many different streams to try and generate as much awareness as he can.

Players around the different game community have also signed petitions for developers to introduce in-game purchases that players can buy and that money can be donated to the charity.

Like The Overwatch Community requested Blizzard to make charity skins for Australian heroes Junkrat and Roadhog.

Likewise, Rainbow 6 has asked Ubisoft to create the same for Australian operators Mozzie and Gridlock,  Mozzie has often helped firefights in his own backyard.

And the same threads have been posted in the Fortnite Community, Players are asking for Kangaroo or Koala themed skins to help raise money.

Inside the country, there are more than 200 fires currently going on with 136 withing the state of New South Wales alone.

More than 1,500 buildings have been burned down by the hellfire.

If you want to help support the crisis you can donate through the Australian Red Cross or The Salvation Army.

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