Atomic Heart has a lot of high-damage weapons, and in this guide, we’ll show you our favorite guns and melee weapons for dealing the most damage to your opponents.

Agent P-3 will come across a huge helping of materials during the course of Atomic Heart’s playtime, allowing the major to create some extremely destructive weapons that are fantastically effective against malfunctioning robots.

It is recommended that you use your time and resources wisely since you will want your greatest weapons to be the strongest by the time you reach the end game of Atomic Heart.

Therefore, let’s go through Atomic Heart’s best weaponry and choose the best equipment for the job.

Atomic heart Weapons Guide: Best guns to use


Best guns in Atomic Heart

We’ve handpicked four Atomic Heart guns that we think you should focus on when using your upgrade materials as they serve different purposes.


We thought the Electro Pistol was the game’s most underestimated weapon because it didn’t require bullets and ran entirely on energy. The Dominator and Railgun are enormous hefty, hard-hitting Energy goliaths, yet they can take a while to get and just burn away your reserves.

Instead, we believe it is best to devote a significant amount of time and effort to upgrading the Electro since when combined with abilities such as Frostbite, you can be picking off adversaries with only a few bullets here and there. Not only that, but increasing your Energy levels will improve the gun’s performance even further.

Fat Boy

When it comes to the Fat Boy, you can toss elegance out the window. While it doesn’t quite shoot mini-nukes like Fallout’s Fat Boy, the Fat Boy is a game-changer for those more dangerous opponents – especially, once again, boss encounters.

If you can go to a Polygon and find the correct blueprints to increase its capacity and destructive capability, you’ll need to build ammo to maintain this weapon of mass destruction ready to go.


What would an FPS game be without a Shotgun? The KS-23 fits this requirement in Atomic Heart and should be one of your primary go-to alternatives during your quest. The KS-23’s damage, fire rate, and magazine have all been improved, making it an important ally.

It will eventually be able to one-shot basic hostiles while still dealing significant damage to higher-tier enemies and bosses.


In the same vein as the KS-23, the Kalash, often known as the AK-47, is your standard, brutish Assault Rifle that provides you with a weapon with a higher rate of fire.

To be honest, there’s nothing particularly noteworthy about the Kalash. It won’t be long before you can store 200-300 bullets, mix them with elemental canisters, and receive more damage and an improved fire rate to provide a prolonged time of the offense.

Atomic heart weapons guide: Best melee weapons to use


Best melee weapons to use in Atomic Heart

While not as glamorous and in danger of becoming obsolete by the conclusion of Atomic Heart, melee weapons are a smart way to conserve ammunition while still dealing significant damage. You may still take large chunks out of opponent forces, and some players prefer a more direct and aggressive strategy like this.


The main goal for gamers that enjoy melee fighting is to obtain the Zvezdocha, which has the highest base damage of any melee weapon in Atomic Heart.

The Zvezdocha, like any other weapon in our book, gives the potential for players to tinker and upgrade, and it’s definitely worth saving up the money to acquire.


It would be impolite not to include the Swedish as your first weapon. Simply a primitive fire axe that can wind up looking quite elegant if some extra parts have been added to it.

With the capacity to perform 360-spin strikes and hit booming heavy attacks, it’s a fantastic little weapon that will be fully functional and serviceable for most of the game’s early phases.

That concludes our Atomic Heart weapons guide and if you want to know how to unlock polygon testing ground chambers click here.

Atomic Heart is an upcoming first-person shooter action role-playing video game created by Mundfish and released by Focus Entertainment and 4Divinity. On February 21, 2023, the game will be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Atomic heart Weapons list

  • Railgun (Рельсотрон)
  • Kuzmitch (Кузьмич)
  • Krypish (Крепыш)
  • Dominator (Доминатор)
  • Bidonist (Бидонист)
  • AK (AK)
  • PM (ПМ)
  • Shotgun (Дробовик)
  • Axe (Топор) Bober (Бобер)
  • Hedgehog (Дикобраз)
  • Thunder (Гром)
  • Hipar (Хипарь)
  • Surgeon (Хирург)
  • Kilka (Килька)
  • Klusha (Клуша)
  • Lapta (Лапта)
  • Fox (Лиса)
  • Hammer (Молот)
  • Meat Grinder (Мясорубка)
  • Neptune (Нептун)
  • Pashtet (Паштет)
  • Swede (Швед)
  • Snowball (Снежок)
  • Zvezdochka (Звездочка)
  • Zinger (Зингер)
  • Electro (Электро)
  • Resheto (Решето)
  • Syringe (Шприц)
  • Vantuz (Вантус)
  • Firebird (Жар птица)