In this article, we will guide you through the steps necessary to access polygon testing ground chambers in the atomic heart.

The concept of Polygonal Laboratories, like many other things in Atomic Heart, can be hazy and create a lot of mystery in the game.

What are they made of? Will anything try to kill you? More importantly, how can you gain access to the hallowed zone of these Polygonal Chambers?

It’s not always easy to figure out how to get there, so our Atomic Heart guide will put you in the correct path.


Guide on How to access Polygon Testing Ground chambers in Atomic heart

To access the Polygonal Test Chamber in Atomic Heart, the player needs to search for a surveillance system nearby and use the camera to unlock the entrance to the chamber.

CHAR-les and P-3 will talk about how to get to the first page you come across, but it never clearly explains how you have to get there.

Steps to accessing polygon testing ground chambers in Atomic Heart:

  1. Check your map and look for large circles marked Proving Grounds.
  2. Now, somewhere near this circle, you need to find a tall, thin, white machine stand that you can reach.
  3. Typically, they are found at the top of accessible platforms with lifts at the bottom, easily identified by a yellow circular platform.
  4. However, that’s not all, the device you use will always stay the same.
  5. Once you find the device, tap the action button to use it.
  6. Now you will need to choose a camera located near the entrance to the bedroom.
  7. You will know if you made the right choice because when you point the camera towards the entrance, a prompt will appear.
  8. Press the corresponding button and you will be able to see or hear the open Polygon front door.

It’s all up to you once you’ve made your way inside. There will be puzzles and/or adversaries along your path, as well as three different rewards to claim.

So that was our guide on how to access Atomic Heart Polygon Testing Ground chambers.

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