If you are wondering how to use the scanner in Atomic Heart, you have come to the right place. In this short gaming guide, we will walk you through all the necessary steps to use the scanner in the game.

However, the game is still prone to multiple bugs lying around the game here and there, and one of the most felt moments where players think there may be bugs is actually one of the game’s opening instructions.

The in-game scanner allows P-3 to gain insight into his surroundings, allowing him to spot essential quest items and find valuable resources That’s when you get it working, so let’s quickly see how Atomic Heart’s scanner works.

Atomic Heart How To Use Scanner Tutorial

According to what the Atomic Heart tutorial says, in order to fully utilize the scanner in the game, players must first hit R1 on a PlayStation controller or RB on an Xbox controller, then press the same button again in a fast sequence, but this time hold the button down.

Atomic Heart Scanner Guide

The same procedures apply to PC gamers as well; just make sure you’re using the appropriate keybind on your Atomic Heart settings.

The game instructs gamers to “Hold R1 + R1” to activate the scanner, yet doing so produces nothing because this instruction is incorrect chronologically.

We’re not sure if this is merely a mistranslation that was overlooked during testing, or if it’s a bug that was disregarded. Nonetheless, this problem should be resolved in due course.

You should now be able to utilize Atomic Heart’s scanner.

How to find valuable items with scanner in Atomic Heart

The scanner in Atomic Heart functions similarly to most scanners in other games: it assists you in analyzing your environment. During scanning, objects will appear highlighted in multiple color tints, which the game does not explain:

  • Blue represents chests, drawers, and other receptacles containing lootable resources.
  • Orange represents opponents. When you hover the scanner over an opponent, you’ll see a list of their resistances and weaknesses, as well as a list of the equipment they’ll drop when defeated. It should be noted that using the scanner does not completely stop time; you are still vulnerable to attacks.
  • White shows objects with that you’re able to interact, such as save stations and elevator call buttons.
  • The color Purple denotes story-critical objects. Atomic Heart is often liberal with its waypoints, but in some rare circumstances, you must do the job yourself. For example, in the “Made in the USSR” quest, you must locate the “voice, emblem, and sprout of the Motherland.” When you activate the scanner, three items will be highlighted: a radio, a hammer, and a plant. They’re altogether in the same room

So that is all for the tutorial on how to use the scanner in Atomic Hearts and how different items are highlighted while using the scanner. For more atomic heart guide and information follow the links below:

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Atomic Heart is an FPS action role-playing video game developed by Mundfish and published by Focus Entertainment and 4Divinity.