ATK Golf Cart is returning to Fortnite including many other classic vehicles, like the controversial Baller hamster ball.

The shopping cart was added back in Fortnite Season 4 along with other classic vehicles and since
then Epic Games has only made the vehicles list longer and longer.

However, they haven’t been untouched with controversy. The Baller, X-4 Stormwing, and Brute Mech were the source of much frustration in the Fortnite community because of how powerful they were – with all three prompting exploits where players could easily win games without much legwork.

Epic Games has also added a lot of vehicles in Fortnite Chapter 2 but let’s be honest they are not
quite powerful as the old classic vehicles, but they are helpful, however some players still hopes
for the return of Shopping Cart and Quadcrasher.


However, a new leak suggests that this wish of players might get fulfilled soon as many old
classic vehicles got a refresh in the latest the v15.20 patch.

When is ATK Golf Cart is returning to Fortnite

According to Fortnite leakers FNBRUnreleased and InTheShadeYT, the Baller, Hoverboard, and ATK Golf Cart were all updated in the recent patch.

“Ballers and Hoverboard have been also updated! We may see them making a return soon,” FNBRUnreleased posted, while noting that the textures for the ATK Golf Cart were also refreshed. However, there doesn’t seem to be much of a change from the way the ATK’s used to look.

These leaks does not includes the exact date as of when these vehicles will be added to the game
but we are pretty sure that they might be available from this season, We got the Stormwings back over the holiday period, after all.

Epic Games is the only one who can make this dream of players come true, maybe the are planning
this but they can also remove all of these based on anything that happens at the backend, so we
guess everyone should just wait till official announcement.

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