Astralis is all ready to sign new CSGO player Heroic’s Patrick ‘es3tag’ Hansen, but without removing any current player.

The Danish CSGO Team is already famous for their teamwork in-game.

And now according to they are looking to make some changes into the team.

They are looking to build a six-man team and are in talks to sign Heroic’s Patrick ‘es3tag’ Hansen.

Team Astralis to add ‘es3tag’ to the CSGO roster

es3tag is currently playing under team Fun Plux Phoenix after they bought the whole Heroic’s lineup.

But astralis has somehow convinced the 24-year-old awper to join the team.

The latest changes that ever happened in Team Astralis was in 2018 when they replaced Markus ‘Kjaerbye’ Kjærbye with Emil ‘Magisk’ Reif.


The current lineup of Astralis CSGO team is a three-time Major-winning squad.

And their consistency makes it even harder to make any changes in the team.

They won 16 trophies with a #1 World rank consistency of 408 days.

But, the coach of the team Danny ‘zonic’ Sørensen said they will put “es3tag” in different lineups to see what works best with him.

However, it is not been all good for the team things has been a little bit shaky lately.

They have lost their #1 rank to Natus Vincere on

Coming off a 3rd-4th finish at Intel Extreme Masters XIV, Astralis are currently 2-1 in group play at the ESL Pro League Season 11, sitting in fourth place.

However, if they move further to sign es3tag, then the question arrives that what will happen with FPX.

Because they are already competing in Flashpoint Season 1 with ‘es3tag’.

But, this is not the first time that any CSGO team is trying a six-man roster, before Astralis team AGO has already tried this.

There are a lot of question whose answers are unknown like,

What will FPX do with an incomplete team?, How will Astralis manage to match es3tag along with other players.

What will be the new roster for Astralis?, Will FPX be creating a new team in CSGO?.

How Astralis will again conquer the #1 rank with es3tag?.

However, these are some of the questions which will be answered sooner or later.

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