Apex legends was a super hit Battle Royale game. In the first week of its release, it broke several records that are “10 million players in the first 72 hours of release”. As we moved on with the game it gained more popularity, as a matter of fact, it hit “25 million players count within the first week of its release” moreover there are many points which prove that players are not happy with the game anymore and Apex legends is going to die soon. And the one question that arises many times is “Will there be any Apex legends solo mode again ?”

No, I m not just saying I have read all the comments in their daily discussion thread on subreddit.

I mean like there was not even a single comment which was appreciating the game everyone was just typing their frustration in the comment.

From removing care packages to Server crash there was all kind of issues.

Players were asking one single question many times that was

Will there be solo mode again in Apex legends?

Apex legends solo mode again

If we analyse the comment section 80% of the thread was asking if they going to get their solo mode back.

Maybe in Season 3, we will be getting Solo Mode again as a new mode and not just for a limited time but forever.

The main reason why people want solo mode back is that Apex legends don’t have a good matchmaking system.

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And what does that mean?

That means you are not queued in the match according to your rank, on the other hand, you are placed with either high ranked players or newbies which is consistent.

The frustrating part is that random doesn’t or we can say newbies don’t listen to you anytime.

One of the Reddit users said that “ I don’t like to play with randoms because every time I say doesn’t rush he just rushes and gets knocked out and when I reach out to him to help him get up guess what he is disconnected”.

Apex Legends Matchmaking system: Can this protect Apex legends from dyeing?

What are the Pros of having a good matchmaking system?

  1. You get to play against similar rank players
  2. Being matched with similar or little above or lower rank player in the same team
  3. You get less frustrated

Cons of having a matchmaking system

  1. It will take a little bit of extra time to find players
  2. If you have a lobby of 2 low-rank players and 1 high-rank player chances are you are going to be placed in the league of high-rank players.

So do we need Apex legends Matchmaking System?

Comment down below if you want to have an Apex legends Matchmaking System and share this post as much as you.

Another issue that was addressed in the thread was that after the recent patch note updates many players are facing serious crash and freeze issue with Apex legends.

Some of them addressed that this was only happening when they were holding a gold item for a few minutes.

On of the subreddit user “ –NZMunchi” suggested this game mode

New game-mode Idea ‘The Wingman Extraordinaire’:

  1. Everyone starts with Gold Armor & Gold Helmets.
  2. Only Wingman can be equipped (obviously lmao) which players can be found around the map and in loot bins & the floor.
  3. Gold Wingmans will be rare spawns around the map.
  4. No explosives except Arcstars.
  5. Likewise, all other loot such as Bags, Cells, Batteries, Ammo, Attachments and Knockdown shields etc will spawn as usual

and another game-mode Idea ‘Mozambique Here…’

  1. Everyone starts with Gold Armor & Gold Helmets (you can see where this is going lmao, should take about 3 clips to kill)
  2. Mozams only which players find around the map in loot bins & the floor
  3. No Hammerpoint attachments
  4. Every circle will spawn 1 Care package that will contain 1 Gold Mozambique only with full attachments
  5. No explosives
  6. All other loot such as Bags, Cells, Batteries, Ammo, Bolts, Knockdown shields etc will spawn as usual
  7. If you run out of ammo completely (gun and bags) you are then given the option to throw the Mozambique gun itself which is a 1hit kill if its a headshot, followed by the voiceline “MOZAMBIQUE HERE’

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