Apex Legends is a very competitive game. There are a total of 8 legends in Apex Legends. One of which is “WRAITH”. It is one of the most fascinating legends to play but if you don’t know how to play this character you can be a disadvantage for your team. In this article, you will find apex legends wraith guide covering all it’s abilities and tips to use them.

Wraith has 3 abilities just like any other legends.

First, one is “Passive” this ability basically let you know if someone is keeping an eye on you. So being a passive ability you don’t have to push any button to trigger this ability the game will do it automatically for you and warn you with wraith saying some lines like “ Someone aiming at you” or stuff like that.

This ability can be useful when there are campers hiding around and you have to walk by from those houses. So as soon as you hear something you can slide around so you can dodge any bullet coming at you.

The Second ability is “Tactical” ability called “Into The Void”. So what this ability does is, it allows you to step into another dimension and you become invincible and also gets some speed boost.

Enemy players can’t see you because you leave a path behind you and you have limited visibility.

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This ability can be a game-changer but you have to use it accordingly and smartly.

The Third ability is “Dimensional Rift” this is your ultimate ability and with it you can create a two-way portal which can be used by both your team player or enemy player and even knocked downed player can use it.

This ability is also very powerful but again you need to use it in the right way otherwise you can do the harm to yourself and your fellow team members.

Now, How to create these portals so first, you need to fix a starting point where your first portal will be placed then you run around for 10 seconds and place the second portal these portals will link up to each other and create an invisible path. These portals will last up to 60seconds


TIPS & TRICKS for apex legends wraith

Now, how to use these abilities.

First, use your Dimensional Rift along with your Tactical ability. As I mentioned when you use your tactical ability you go invisible and also gets some boost so, while using your Dimensional rift as soon as you place the first portal use your tactical ability which will make you invisible so enemy player can’t see where you going and the speed boost will help you reach the maximum distance possible within 10seconds then place the 2nd portal.

Second, Using Tactical ability means you will take no damage so if your out of the zone use it so you will deal no damage plus if you want to grab something from outside the zone you can also use it there.

Third, you can use portals in either defensive or offensive way. In a defensive way, you can place the first portal near your downed teammate and second to somewhere safe place so you can take him to a safer place and revive him.

You can also use it to flank any other remaining team. You can use it in the end zone when you know it’s you can the other team so you can create portals and flank them from either side.

Wraith has more like aggressive gameplay. Like you can use much of here abilities for flanking rushing enemies without getting in-sight of them you just need to  use them in the right way you can be the CHAMPION

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