Dataminer iLootGames has leaked details regarding new LTM coming in Apex Legends along with some Warzone-inspired armor change.

If you are a big-time competitive games lover, then you must be familiar with RNG – it stands
for Random Number Generator or randomness of events occurring, and the debate on this
topic is everlasting.

However, some competitive players suggest that randomness can be reduced through the
way players collect shields.

And according to dataminer this new LTM will be testing the same.

Apex Legends testing Warzone-inspired armor changes

Dataminer iLootGames reveals a new LTM coming in Apex Legends with some Warzone-inspired armor changes in his 15 minute YouTube video.

The new LTM will be live on April 24, but the name of this LTM is still unknown, but this LTM
will have three different phases which will last 4 days each, in which players will be dropping
in World’s Edge with their gear.

In the video, he explains that it will work the same as Call of Duty’s new BR, Warzone, In
which players drop with a pistol and armor at the beginning of the map, to avoid elimination
as soon as they drop on the map.

The first phase of this LTM will be live on April 24 at 10am PST (1pm EST/6pm BST), starting
with basic lvl1 armor and pistol as drop gear, and players will be unable to pick up any other
armor during the whole match.

The second phase of the limited-time mode will start on April 27 on Apex Legends and in the
second phase players will be dropping with there lvl2 armor and pistol, while the third phase
will start from April 29 with access to lvl3 armor and finally, it will end with the last phase
starting between May 1 and May 5, in which players will be dropping in with Evo shields and

Well, this looks like some kind of test to make Warzone-inspired armor changes in official Apex Legends matches.

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