Dataminers have once again leaked an upcoming Apex Legends War Games event. From what we know so far there are new skins, LTMs and many more things included in this event.


  • Events are one way of how Apex Legends makes game even more fun to play.
  • The next upcoming event is the Apex Legends War Games event which will bring a lot of skins, LTMs and many more things with it.

Respawn Entertainment always tries to make game even more fun to play by
releasing events.

These events – sometimes themed, sometimes Collection Events – bring new skins, game modes, heirlooms, and a whole lot more to the battle royale.

Current Season, Season 8 is not so far from its end, but still, data miners have done
a tremendous job to leak an upcoming event that is going to happen this season.
Included in this event is – war games. Here is what we know so far.


Apex Legends War Games event start date

There are a lot of leaks regarding Apex Legends circulating on social media.
But in this article, we are focusing on the upcoming big event.

This event have traces of information relating to the Warlord event that was leaked
earlier in the year, the event was supposed to happen around March 2021, and was
labelled as collection event.

According to dataminer Shrugtal, this ‘War Games’ event is set to start in April.
His best guess of start date is April 13, which will go on for 14 days and will end on April 27. However, he also mentions that these dates could be wrong and the event might start from a later date but it would not be earlier than April 13.

War Games skins, cosmetics & prize tracker rewards

According to him, this event will not feature any map changes or new heirloom like
Anniversary Collection Event, instead it will be full of new cosmetics and other stuff.

Here are all the leaked skins from Apex Legends War Games event.

Wraith: Queen’s Guard

Revenant: Guerilla Ghoul

Lifeline: Ghost Stalker

Gibraltar: Blood and Thunder

Bloodhound: Royal Huntsmaster

Pathfinder: The Burgundy Knight

Mirage: The Swish-buckler

Apart from skins the leaker have also got his hands on prize track. According to their info, it will include five battle pass levels, two charms, an epic Rampart skin, an epic 30-30 Repeater skin, a rare Crypto skin, and Caustic stat trackers.

Apex Legends War Games LTMs

As of what we know so far there are going to multiple game modes in the event.
According to leaks of the event’s menu, there would be six different game modes that rotate on a 48-hour basis. These include Killing Tim, Flare Up, Armed Drop, Armor Regen, Auto Banners, and Second Chance.

As we are moving to the end of Season 8 there might be more information
on the line. We will keep updating this article so make sure to follow us on
Twitter to stay updated and connected.

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