Apex Legends Season 7 has started with a new legend “Olympus” and players have been attacking the innocent soul with their favourite Legends – in middle of this, an Apex Legends voice actor has revealed what Bloodhound unedited voice sounds like.

Bloodhound is one of the oldest Legends in the game – he is also called as Technological Tracker, he has
been fan-favourite since the launch of Apex Legends back in 2019 – this non-binary character is also the
most played character on the map.

As the game is evolving so does their characters and Bloodhound is also one of the legends who receives
multiple buffs from time to time.

Well, what we hear as the voice of the legend is not what it was like pre-vocal edits and the voice actor
behind the Technological Tracker has come forward to reveals how Bloodhound unedited voice sounds like.


Who is the real voice of Apex Legends Bloodhound?

Voice actor Allegra Clark has shared a short clip on her TikTok account showing what lines that she
records sounds like before vocal editing.

She says “what I do is only part of the vocal performance,” Clark reveals more details about the voice, she says that a cool gas-mask vocal effect also pitches down her voice about two steps.

While the direction Allegra was originally given was that of an “androgynous, badass place,” she then shares
how iconic Bloodhound’s voice sounds like pre-editing. With a stark contrast to her regular voice, Clark’s
vocal modulation and Icelandic/Old Norse accent instantly show off that recognizable cadence they have with their iconic lines.

How Fans are reacting to this?

After a Reddit user IIIlandist, shared the video on Reddit fans started to react on Bloodhound unedited voice.

One commenter stated: “when she said Mozambique here I felt that,” with another adding, “when she said Mozambique here I died.” Fans are constantly admiring her voice and also how much effort Respawn gives
to make these voices more real.

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