Apex Legends update 1.39 is live now with one of the most requested bug fixes in Season 5 – hit registration bug, the hotfix patch went live on May 20.

Hit registration issue can destroy any first-person shooter game, it plays a huge role
in any competitive FPS game, it is messed up then your bullets and damage will not
be properly recorded server-side and this is bad, like really bad.

Since the beginning of Apex Legends Season 5 players were requesting for this bug
fix as it was messing up the game and soon Respawn also acknowledged the bug and
started working on how to fix this registration bug.

Apex Legends update 1.39 hotfix for a major bug

On May 20, the Apex devs confirmed they had found the root of the problem, and sent hotfix update 1.39 live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Unfortunately, there are no patch notes, but producer Josh Medina did confirm the fix.

“New patch available! Go check your updates and download,” he tweeted after 50mb update went live. He also confirms that Respawn engineer Samy Duc has designed it to “fix hit reg.”

However, even after this update, there is no confirmation on whether it will entirely fix
the bug or not because before this 1.39 update, another update was pushed on May 14
to fix this issue but it was still there even after the patch update.

But, this time it feels like the update has finally done its job as many players have been
reporting that the bug is not anymore there. Pro players like Tanner Roach and Jack ‘NiceWigg’ Martin are also confirming the same.


Apex Legends hit registration bug was one of the annoying bugs in Season 5, there
are also other bugs which developers already acknowledge and they may release
a server-side patch update soon fixing, buzzing noise and reconnect issue. we will
update you, if we get any further information so make sure to keep checking Gamecheckup
for further updates.

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