Data Miners have squeezed every bit of Updated game files since the last update to gain the more and more information about the Apex legends unreleased Characters abilities and to know which one will be released first. Will it be Rosie? Crypto or Nomad.

The latest character added to apex legends was “Wattson” which was also leaked way before being released in-game. It was released during the update of Season 2 before that “Octane” was released during the update of Season 1. So there are many chances of a new character being introduced in Season 3 which will be updated in October or around that date.

In season 2 trailer we have spotted a technology geek which was rumoured to be “Crypto” but there was no official statement from Respawn Entertainment.

Who will be the next Apex legends unreleased character coming to Kings Canyon?

That1MiningGuy is a Reputed miner who has leaked that Crypto is by far the most completed character.

Crypto is most considered for the next season character update because first he was teased in season 2 trailer, Second  That1MiningGuy statement about being a most completed unreleased character by far.

Tina Sanchez lead developer at Respawn Entertainment has posted some images on twitter in which we can see a motion capture session being done and we are pretty sure that it was for “Rosie”.

Tina Sanchez

So the main question that arrives is will Apex legend release their two unreleased characters in season 3?

Another Apex legends unreleased character is “Nomad” he was spotted in-game files way back when Apex legend was launched.

And after the recent Iron Crown update, we know all of Nomad’s abilities that means they are developing all three characters alongside.

Apex legends unreleased Characters abilities.



Tactical: Aerial Drone – Surveillance camera drone, lasts for 40 seconds, 200-meter range. Can be destroyed. Can hack doors, loot bins and pick up banners with a drone.

Passive: Neuro Link – Crypto and teammates see what surveillance drone detect up to 30 meters away.

Ultimate: Weapon Drone EMP – Charge up an EMP blast from your drone. Deals shield damage, slows enemies and disables all traps.



Eye for quality: Loba (Rosie) can see through walls and can open up hidden compartments in loot bins.

Supply for demand: Hold (button) to choose a type of loot. Reveal that type of loot in the area through walls.

Burglar’s best friend: Throw a disc and teleport to that location.

Black Market Boutique: Place a device that can steal all nearby loot.



Passive: Packmule – “Nomad and his teammates have additional backpack space.”

Tactical: Loot Compass – “Follow the loot compass to the nearest item.”

Ultimate: Crafting Table – Place a crafting table down. Scrap salvageable material and purchase items.”

These are the abilities which miners have found in-game files but that doesn’t confirm that these characters are finished there may be much of them still to be discovered.


The chances of Crypto being released in Season 3 is higher than “Rosie” or “Nomad”. But Rosie is also being developed alongside so there are chances of releasing two characters in Season 3 but “Nomad” is still further off and may be released in season 4.

There is no chance of all three characters being introduced at one time.

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