There is good news for players are always looking for a sneak peek of what new rewards they will be getting in the new season to play with. It is Apex legends Leaked Character “ Rosie” abilities list leaked by “That1MiningGuy”.

That1MiningGuy had already leaked some information about “Rosie” earlier which got attention very quickly among players and now everyone is looking for her abilities and here it is.

Leaked files have confirmed that “Rosie” will be released after “Crypto”.

Apex legends Leaked Character
Crypto Leaked

Who is Crypto?

There is not much to tell about Crypto but he was first seen behind Pathfinder. The character was spotted sporting dreadlocks, with his back to a wall and wearing a green and white jacket.

He was also carrying a sword on his back so he can be a melee specialist. His laptop was also spotted in Season 2 trailer.

Apex legends leaked Character “ Rosie” abilities List

That1MiningGuy has recently leaked another update regarding “ Rosie” AKA “Loba”.

One of the most mesmerizing abilities in the screenshot below is her ability to teleport by throwing a disc.

It is the first-ever in Battle Royale game, unlike wraith who uses a portal to go undercover and travel from one place to another.

Other abilities refer to some kind of X-ray vision which allows her to look through walls, and loot boxes.

Another one is a grappler or some kind of device to steal all nearby loot. Like her becoming the magnet and attracting all loots towards her.

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Apex legends Leaked character “Rosie” abilities

This is not the only screenshot he shared but he also followed up with another one. In this file, and they have specified the name for “Rosie” as “Loba”.

"Rosie" character abilities leaked
“Rosie” Abilities

 One of the lines states “Translocating Theif” which can be referred to as teleport ability.

We don’t confirm any of these officially, because there is no statement regarding this from Respawn Entertainment these can be accurate or turn out to be just a rumour, but That1MiningGuy is a reputed data miner so anything can happen.

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