An Apex Legends player has spotted two new gold weapons in Loba abilities reveal trailer, the two new weapons are R-99 SMG and Spitfire.

Apex Legends Season 5 is about to start and in a couple of days Respawn has released two
trailers to build up more hype for the next season, one trailer showcases the Apex Legends
Season 5 theme and the latest trailer shows Loba’s abilities, but there are much more than
just abilities reveal in this trailer.

Recently an Apex Legends player spotted four new ult-charging points installed in different
parts of the map and now the Apex Legends Loba’s abilities reveal trailer have two new gold weapons hidden in it.

Loba is our new legend for Season 5

Her most powerful and amazing ability is her “Black Market Boutique” – which lets you and
your teammate loot all the nearby loots without moving an inch, it will teleport all the nearby
loot to your inventory.

Apex Legends two new gold weapons coming in Season 5

While her ability was being displayed one fan noticed that Gibraltar has picked up a gold
spitfire and it was something that we haven’t seen in any past season.

While R-99 SMG can be seen when Loba is selecting her item and picking up the Kraber, a
gold R-99 SMG can also be spotted in the top right-hand corner of the menu. Again, like the
Spitfire, this is completely new.

The part starts at 0:55

Well, all fans believe that these two new gold weapons spotted in Apex Legends trailer will
be a part of Season 5 and it makes more sense because in the season 4 we have seen HAVOC, P2020, Prowler, Sentinel, and R-301 Carbine converted into their gold versions.

However, even if R-99 and Spitfire are our two new gold weapons then there are still three
spots remaining for gold weapons and till the time of writing this article, Respawn hasn’t
released any patch note to confirm these items. But there is a strong belief that these
two will surely make their way into Season 5.

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