A group of Apex Legends player may have created the longest Apex Legends super wraith Portal which is not 100 or 200 yards long but instead, it is 1300 yards long using Wraith’s Dimensional rift.

Wraith is ranked as one of the most loved and played legend from original legends introduced
back in 2019 at the time of game’s release, it is because of her incredible abilities which players
does tweak and modifies by combining it with other new or old legends abilities.

Her one of the coolest ability is her Ultimate, Dimensional Rift which allows her to create a portal
anywhere on the map to travel some distance without coming in the notice of other players or enemies.
Which comes beneficial for her teammates in every match.

Well gamers never stops experimenting these abilities and force them to their fullest while some
gamers just sit and help their teammates win some rounds, Luckily for us, Reddit user JTTYUS chose
the hard path of these options and have created the longest ever Apex Legends super wraith Portal.


How to create Wraith’s Longest Portal?

A video from Apex Legends subreddit  is going viral which showcases how exactly you can create
the longest portal, at the time of writing this article the video have 20,500 upvotes and over 340 comments.

In the video, the player creates this portal using a Trident vehicle and Revenant’s Ultimate.

In the beginning, the player picks up Revenant’s Death Totem, and then the whole squad jumps
into the Trident. They then utilize the Trident supply bin trick that launches the vehicle through
the air and across the map.

Once they’ve landed, the Wraith simply activates her Dimensional Rift just before the Death Totem effect returns her to her previous location. This is what creates the across-map portal that their whole squad can use. Unfortunately, they’re ambushed before they can use the rift properly but nonetheless, it’s an amazing trick.

We have no information whether Respawn have acknowledged this bug/trick or not but we will
update you if we get any further information regarding this, however, we do think that the portal
was not designed to last this long as we can already see some pixel glitches in the beginning.

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