Apex Legends streamer shivfps lost his mind after he witnessed a hacker splinter from player to player.

Hacker is something which will be always there in every game no matter how popular or how least popular the game is.

And encountering a hacker in-game can be the worst thing for you because first you already know you won’t be winning and it will also disturb your gaming experience.

We all have once encountered with a hacker in our lifetime and nothing is more frustrating than encountering him when you are about to win the game.

And the same happened with shivfps on January 4 during his live stream and he completely lost his mind when he witnessed the hacker in his high-level game.


His first reactions were “What f**king losers dude, holy sh*t, ridiculous,”.

As he started reporting the hacker he also made a statement regarding every box he ticked.

For Aim-locking he said: “You’ve got aimbot anyway, you’ll win every f**king fight,”

And soon after that, the hacker started sprinting from player to player and shivfps couldn’t handle it anymore and lost his temper even more.

shivfps shouts out loud:

Holy sh*t, oh my god man, holy f**k he’s the best player in the f**king game,” “Holy sh*t, rank one. Rank f**king one player dude! Holy sh*t, get the f**k out of here – someone sign this f**king man up. Disgusting man. Best player in the f**king game, holy sh*t. Best player in the f**king world man.”

Now shivfps have video evidence against this hacker and is eagerly waiting for Respawn Entertainment to do something against hackers.

Respawn Entertainment had kept revealing the numbers of hackers banned time to time but it seems like it is not working and they should definitely try something different regarding these hackers and cheaters ruining the game of other.

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