Solo queues are the most requested mode from Apex legends fans and look like Season 4 is coming with some good news.

The solo mode was added as an LTM in Apex Legends back in 2019, since then players have been spamming Respawn Entertainment with a request for return of Solo mode.

And from recent tweets from the developers, it looks like developers are about to fulfil this long-awaited wish.

Apex Legends has already created a lot of hype with the new season, weapons and new legends making there way into the game.

Well, one of the developers recently created fire on Twitter with his tweet that they might be bringing in the Solo mode.

Will Season 4 be getting a Solo Mode?

Within 24 hours of season 4 gameplay trailer released, developers created a whole new hype

From “Carlos Pineda suggesting they were “just getting started,” to designer Jobye-Kyle Karmaker just sending emojis”.

Solo Mode in Iron Crown event

The tweet thread was later joined by Respawn producer “Josh medina” who stated that the company is going to “show only the beginning of the goods Season 4 will bring.”

After his Tweet Cloud9 star, PVPX asked: if season 4 will “bless us with solos.”

Replying to him Medina said “players who queue solo may be getting something this year”

“This my opinion: I think duos is a better experience than solos… playing alone against 55 Wraiths isn’t exciting to me… the duos and threes experience is where it’s at, for me,” the Respawn development producer replied.

He then added, Apex Legends “should offer a way for solos to play the game without teammates,” once they get past the massive Season 4 launch on February 4.

He maid himself clear that he is not promising anything for Season 4. but, he did mention that this year can be good news for solo queuers.


Apex legends Permanent Duos before solo mode?

Apex Legends Duo mode was a big hit and looks like Respawn is planning to make it the permanent mode rather than an LTM.

If they do so then Permanent duo mode will be making their way sooner than Solo mode in Apex legends.

And as always there is no confirmation about Solo mode but we will keep you updated as soon as we get any news.

Moreover, Apex Legends Season 4 will be starting on Tuesday, February 4 and everything will be cleared.

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