Apex legends self-revive changes is coming soon and confirmed by Respawn producer Josh Medina after a huge request from players.

Apex legends follow a colour pattern to distinguish between the level of
loot and armours, the legendary and the most powerful armour or
loot on the map is placed in Gold colour.

Legendary armour is not just capable of taking more damage but also
gives players other benefits one of them being self-revive after
getting knockdown by the enemy.

But from the past couple of weeks the self-revive system of legendary
gold armour has somehow become too frustrating and players have been
constantly requesting Respawn to fix it.

Apex legends self-revive changes

One of the pro players TSM Reps called developers for the Apex Legends self-revive changes, suggesting that it should only be possible to use once one of your teammates is still alive in the arena.

“Make self rez only work if at least 1 of your teammates is alive. Maybe increase the speed of using it slightly. Actually so sick of this item in competitive,” he explained, revealing his anger with the current situation of the legendary shield.

His team mate Albralelie also replies to his tweet saying that the self revive kits could cost you quite a lot in the late game, with some final kills and placements not counting due to opponents having this Legendary shield.


However, Apex legends developers were quick enough to address the
issue and Apex Legends dev Josh Medina responds to the community
saying that the fix will be coming soon.

However, he didn’t say anything about other issues but we do
know that ta legendary shield self-revive fix is on its way.

Also, it is not confirmed what kind of fix it will be, maybe developers will
take the pro’s perspective in the account and make changes accordingly.

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