Apex Legends secret bunkers are now visible to everyone and one of them is also accessible by players on King’s Canyon, here is the first look of loot bunkers.

Bunkers were added in Apex Legends as a part of brand new PVE Quest in Season 5,
in this quest players need to find nine piece of artifacts to uncover more about the Broken Ghost.

Since the beginning of Season 5, Apex Legends secret bunkers were not
accessible for anyone, no one knew why they were there and what new content
will it bring in the near future?

Spoiler Alert!: well, if you do not want to get any spoilers regarding the quest you should leave right now because there are some spoilers in this article.


Apex Legends Secret bunkers – First Look

There is only one bunker accessible right now for players which is located near
the cliffs of the underwater Skulltown, the remaining bunkers are still locked tight
and there is no way to access them.

However, this locks was not able to stop – information craving players to peek into
those bunkers and find out what Epic Games is hiding behind those secret loot bunkers.

One of the players has now managed to take a good look inside the bunker using
Crypto’s drone to glitch through the new bunkers which have been scattered at different POI across the map.

One player u/xKnightress was among the first to get inside the Slum Lakes hatch, and what they saw inside those bunkers was nothing like they expected.

The bunkers were much bigger than expected, and there was one room in
particular which grabs the attention of players.

There appears to be some sort of chamber towards the back of the bunker, with some suggesting that it may be where players will need to bring the Quest’s artifact once it has been completed.


One of the reliable data miner Biast12 also reveals same kind of bunker
but according to thim, this bunker is not yet available in-game and it is
unlikely that this bunker will be used in Season 5.

Anyhow, there is no official confirmation from Apex Legends on these secret loot bunkers, and there is no exact release date for these hatches to open up for players, but we will keep looking and will update you as soon as we get any information.

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