Respawn game director Chad Grenier has revealed Apex Legends Season 9 ‘unexpected’ features along with that he has also teased a road map till Season 11.

Started November 7, Apex Legends Season 7 is unfolding each week with new updates and content
from developers – the new Olympus map was one of them. However, developers always works in
advance on upcoming seasons.

In their recent interview IGN they have praised their team for working from home and still managing
to release two full seasons and work on atleast four more in advance.

But the ending of the interview was what caught our ears, at the end he reveals that there are many
‘unexpected’ features coming in Apex Legends Season 9 and 8.


“I would love to just talk about all of it, because I’m so excited. Season 8 is shaping up to be amazing, it’s just great, and almost entirely done working from home.” But when talking about Season 9, Grenier was more excited.

“Season 9 is also going to be great, really looking forward to it. In Season 9, you’re going to see some major things that you did not expect. So it’s just a really exciting time right now.

“Despite all the working from home challenges, we’ve hit a stride, and we’ve figured a lot of the things out about how to work together and how to build great content. And there’s no shortage of great ideas in our studio.”

Section starts at 18:45

Well, there is many possibilities on what can these surprises be, one of them is more non-battle
royale modes. The success of LTMs like Winter Express are prove that players do enjoy these kind
of modes and would love to play more of these.

The second priority can be more PvE modes or maybe more story modes. The season 5 story mode
was a huge success but Respawn unknowingly took it down in Season 6 and 7 – they may bring them
back considering it was become a fan-favourite mode.

Third priority on the list is a new map but this have a low percentage of being success because
releasing a new map in just six months of releasing last map will not do any good to the game.

According to the game director Season 10 and 11 are also in works but nothing more precise has
been revealed from any of them. We will update you if we get any other news on this topic so
connect with us on Twitter.

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