Apex Legends Season 5 Loba skins & Favor pack is leaked by data miners ahead of time, there are skins for other legends also like Mirage.

Loba was the main point of attraction for Season 5, teased from a very long time she finally
made her debut in the game and with her debut, she also brought chaos for King’s Canyon
by completely destroying its “Skull town” and many other places.

Well, the new leaks from data miners reveal that she will be getting new skins along with
other legends in Season 5 and also her very own Fortune’s Favor pack.

Fortune’s Favor pack will include a Loba skin & 600 Apex coins, apart from her Mirage will
also get a new skin after getting buff this season he is back again in the favourite list of
many players.


Apex Legends Season 5 Loba Skins – Pack hunter and Loba Baskin

Data miner Biast12 was the first data miner to leak the codes from game files which reveals a pack for Loba would give players the ‘Pack Hunter‘ Loba skin as well as 600 coins.

The skin appears to feature some glow-in-the-dark areas, including on Loba’s eyes. The name ‘Pack Hunter’ also resembles with the newly added Treasure Packs and weekly hunts for the new season.

Well, this is not all a fellow data miner iLootGames have also showcased some unique styles
of the skin in hi YouTube video.

According to the data miner she will also get a tiger print skinf named ‘Loba Baskin’ skin,
in reference to Carole Baskin.

There’s also a new Teal recolor for Mirage, and a fairly simple, no-nonsense recolor for Bloodhound.

Loba has already become so popular in a very short period of time because of her great
abilities and now in addition to that these kinds of skins will only make her more popular
however, the release date of Fortune’s Favor pack is not confirmed so we may have to
wait a bit long.

In the meantime you can try out her default Twitch prime skins for free you just need to link your account to Twitch Prime and you will receive Loba: Game Master skin which is also amazing.

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