Apex Legends Season 4 start date question has started to arouse from players side as the game is approaching its first year anniversary in February.

In Season 3 Respawn Entertainment shocked players with a brand new map, and the fact that game’s one year anniversary is coming soon so we can expect a hell lot of new feature from the developers, here is what we know so far about Apex legends Season 4 start date and Season 3 End date.

When is Apex Legends Season 4?


Season 4 of Apex legends will start on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 – which is the same date as of game’s one year anniversary. And Season 3 will end the same day.

Season 3 is the only season to last this long ever in Apex legends. The roadmap of seasons was bit modified as Season 4 was set to release in December 2019 but the schedule has been shifted.

Season 4 has been pushed 2 months extra while other 3 seasons were delayed one month.

This means Season 3 still have some time and you can still hop into the server and grab your season 3 rewards.

Who is the Apex Legends Season 4 new Legend?

Legends released in previous seasons are as follows:

1 Season: Octane

2 Season: Wattson

3 Season: Crypto

We have witnessed a lot of leaks around the internet regarding the upcoming Apex Legends Season 4 legend – Maybe it would be Revenant because it was featured in Shadowfall LTM.


It can be Rosie or Nomad or maybe somebody else.

But it is completely impossible to say who is going to be the season 4 Legend.

Will Apex Legends Season 4 have new weapons?

Along with new characters new weapons have also been coming to Apex Legends like L-Star and Charge Rifle and it is expected that they will be joined with other new weapons soon.

Some Data miners have leaked regarding:

  1. The Volt Smg –An Energy Weapon
  2. The Car Smg

Both of these weapons are featured in Titanfall 2 – so there is a great chance of these being added in Season 4.

Will there be a new map for Apex Legends Season 4?


There is a bot confusion going on around the Apex Legends is will there be a new map in Apex Legends Season 4 – the first new map was introduced in Season 3.

Apex Legends Season 3 Map World’s Edge was already a big-time secret before releasing in-game so there is almost no chance of getting leaks around the new map for Season 4.

And using a new Map only for one season doesn’t fit good for the game so there is less chance of getting a new map in Season 4.

How much will the Season 4 battle pass cost?

The Battle Pass cost of all the previous seasons was 950 Apex Coins – So the next season will also cost around 950 – 1000 Apex Coins which costs around £7.99/$10 in Apex Legends store.

So, this is all we know by far about the Apex Legends Season 4 Start Date and Season 3 End date, Battle Pass Cost and Map.

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