Apex Legends Season 1 & Battle Pass

Apex legends have released the official date for Season 1 battle pass that is tomorrow  10 AM PT.

The theme name for the Season 1 Battle Pass is “Wild Frontier”.


Battle Pass costs 950 apex coins which were leaked earlier by data miners.

With Battle pass, you have to level up and unlock exclusive rewards.

You can also Purchase Battle Pass bundle for 2,800 Apex coins which feature 25 unlocked levels.

Battle pass helps you get rewards from every level you gain. The more you level up more you can unlock rewards.

Wild Frontier also features some free legends skins that are

  1. Wraith Survivor skin
  2. Mirage Outlaw skin
  3. Lifeline Revolutionary skin

You can earn 100 exclusive rewards and these things are not for a limited time if you earn it you keep it permanently.

There are also some Free Rewards that come with the Wild Frontier Battle Pass.

  1. 1 Frontier Legend Skin
  2. 5 Apex packs
  3. 18 Wild Frontier Stat Trackers

New legends

Apex legends officially announced for the release of Octane which was in talks for very long. Apex legends also hinted players about octane by adding his jump-pad to the game.

How to purchase Battle Pass?

The Wild Frontier Battle Pass can only be purchased from apex coins. Open Apex Legends and click on Battle Pass Tab in the lobby and you can purchase your season 1 battle pass from there.

What happens if you buy battle pass late in the season?

If you buy battle pass late in the season don’t worry you still get the same rewards as anybody else at your level ( suppose that you are at level 15 and you buy a battle pass so you will get all the rewards till level 15 plus three special battle pass skins).

And, if you buy the battle pass bundle you will get the 15 + 25 =40 level rewards. And three special battle pass skins.

Do I keep my rewards after the season ends?

Yes everything you earned is now yours.

If I don’t buy the battle pass can I still get rewards?

Yes if you don’t buy battle pass for the season you still get some free rewards that are :

  1. 1 wild frontier legend skin
  2. 5 Apex Packs
  3. 18 Wild frontier stat trackers.

This is all for the battle pass if you guys still have any queries kindly reach to us in the comment section.

Now some leaks

Some days earlier data miners have found some string in the apex legends code and it said “super jump” and before that, some leaked that apex legends battle pass costs 950 apex coins which turned out to be true so the majority says that maybe we can soon see super jump as an ability of new character.

  1. You can read more about it here

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