Apex Legends PvE mode leak reveals probably a crossover with Titans will soon be making their way in-game as a person vs environment mode.

Apex Legends and Titanfall both are the part of the same franchise and shares the
same universe, however despite being from the same universe there is not much
crossovers to see between them.

Respawn has obviously used some features from Titanfall like ‘prowlers’, a selected
range of weapons and part of the lore in the game but a new leak reveals that there
is much bigger thing coming up in near future which is a Apex Legends PvE mode.


Apex Legends PvE mode – Titanfall x Apex Legends?

A very renown data miner that1miningguy reveals that there are strings – line of
codes in the game files which directs towards a PvE mode featuring Titanfall characters.

The data miner tweets out the image of strings in the game files with a caption, in the game files you can see labels for the Spectre, Stalker, Frag Drone, and Titan being accompanied by the ‘_outlands’ tag.

The caption reads out, “This is interesting to me because I cannot remember seeing the specific strings for these NPCs that included the _outlands tag, (Not saying Titans for Apex… but maybe something PVE related regarding them?)”

This is not a new thing that names of Titanfall characters are present in the
game files, in the past we have seen many weapons, but only prowlers were
the characters that were used in the game.

In the past Respawn has officially confirmed that they did some experiments
with Titans in Apex but it did not work out.

However, the Outlands tag attached to this game files at this point when Loba is in the game and we also saw some Titanfall robots coming to life in the trailer, this may mean a new event is on its way.

Anyhow there is still a PvE event going on in Apex Legends Season 5 where
players are taking on the prowlers. And now these leak strings suggests that
there may be something bigger than this coming up.

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