Apex Legends Senior Systems Designer Eric ‘Ghost’ Hewitt has confirmed that the players who have been abusing a glitch in Ranked Play that lets them leave games without facing matchmaking penalties will be soon punished by Apex Legends Punishment system.

Ranked Play is the same as any other Competitive mode where you grind from bronze level to all the way top-level – named as Apex Predator.

The way you gains a rank in this mode is by earning points – playing matches.

Whereas getting killed early ill result in less or maybe no points being earned, while abandoning a ranked match can not only take away your Ranked Play points, but you will face a matchmaking penalty like a cooldown in CS: GO where you won’t be able to play ranked match for a set time.


To bypass this penalty some players have found the alternative to it:

Closing the game from an in-game menu causes these penalties while closing the entire game and starting it again bypass these penalties.

This way of bypassing the penalty system is called as ‘dashboarding,’ and means that players can join a different lobby that looks difficult, or if they find themselves with teammates who they don’t want to play with, they are able to abandon the game with no penalties.

Apex Legends Punishment System Confirmation

This caused much disturbance in the community and when a player asked how to report those who dashboard the game, Hewitt confirmed that there was “no need to report it manually,” as the development team can see it on their end. The Senior Systems Designer ended the tweet with a warning to those who have been using the trick too, writing: “Judgement Day will be coming.”

Hewitt also confirmed that the Respawn Entertainment team will soon be rolling out an “immediate punishment” system.

He ended saying: “We care deeply about the ranked experience, so things will be handled soon.”

What will be the punishment is still unknown, but it is confirmed that Respawn knows who has abused the glitch and will be punished on the Judgment Day.

Also, there is no confirmation of what date will they roll out this system but it is more said to be a secret rollout and surprise exploiters with a bang.

This was all we know about Apex Legends punishment system for players “dashboarding” in Ranked Play.

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