Data miner ‘iLootGames’ has revealed more information about Prowlers coming to Apex Legends and their abilities.

Apex Legends is possibly all set to release Titanfall Prowlers into the game. But this is not the
first creature to be added in the game, back in Season 1 Respawn added ‘Flyers’ the dragon-like creatures who will circle around in the sky or can be found in cages around the map.

However, Flyers were used to drop loots for the players and not hunting them, despite being a dragon.

After which rumours started to lit up in the community about a Players vs Environment game mode.

Where players can fight deadly creatures on the map like a zombie mod but replacing zombies with Flyers like creatures – but after the latest update data miners have found some
evidence of such creature in the game files.

Apex Legends Prowlers leaked abilities

Well, the same data miner ‘iLootGames‘ who revealed the creature in Apex Legends game files has leaked more information about Prowlers animations and abilities.

Prowlers are the creature from TitanFall universe and as Apex legends is set in TitanFall
universe, they share many same abilities/Legends.


In the latest information, he shared that these creatures will have different variants – all with
the same character model, but differently skinned.

In the video, he also shows some of Prowlers abilities like Scanning for enemies, hunting
enemies, and even climbing on the windows.

In Apex Legends season 1 Flyers were huge in comparison to players, but according to the
data miner Prowlers will be about the same size of Pathfinder.

Now for the unconfirmed part, we don’t have any confirmation about whether they will drop
from the sky or they will be companions of players or maybe they will have a limited time

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