Apex Legends just released an event “Old Ways Event” where players can fight with Prowlers inside an arena for an exchange of some high tier loots, but a player has found a way to let one of those prowlers out and this is how it will work in World’s Edge.

Bloodhound’s lore event brought some requested updates with itself like, return of Kings
Canyon and a permanent ‘Duos’ mode.

Well, one of the unique features that came along with this event is introduction of ‘prowlers’
into the game – the beast was part of Bloodhound’s backstory.


The arena is situated in the northwest region of World’s Edge, in the arena, you can fight with
prowlers to earn some extra high tier loot to fight against enemies.

This is how Apex Legends Prowlers will work on World’s Edge Map

An Australian YouTuber ‘Zylbrad’ found a way to let these beasts enter into World’s Edge.
It happened when Zylbrad and his teammate was fighting the beasts for the loot, and after
some time of fighting, they unleashed the beast to World’s Edge by making the beast chase
them to outside of the arena.

Well, after coming out of the arena the beast became non-hostile, his area of attack shrinks
it only attacks players coming near to him.

Anyhow, the YouTuber and his friend used prowler as live bait for enemies but ended up
losing there companion when a group of enemies killed the beast.

Before getting killed, prowler chased them to the other end of the map and showed some
unique features like jumping on boxes and passing through closed doors also the prowler
climbed to the top of the building in Train Yard in a single jump.

Also, the prowlers killed brad’s teammate paja by jumping upon him while he tried to escape
through a building.

Well, this wasn’t intentional at all the Design director Jason McCord says that the coding was supposed to keep the prowlers inside the but somehow they got away.

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