Respawn has launched it’s official Apex legends merchandise that can piss off your friends if you have them in your closet.

Apex legends is one of the most played battle royale game.

Recently they have crossed more than 70 million player base that too in less than a year, the game was launched in February 2019.

Since then the game has made some unbreakable milestone maybe because of there team focus gameplay where every teammate has a different role to play while controlling different legends.

Apex legends announced their merchandise on November 22 out of nowhere and caught everyone off guard.

Apex legends official merchandise


Respawn tweeted on November 22 quoting

“Care package is incoming, big things in that!”

and, “Now you can dress like a legend with the launch of Apex legends shop”

And they also gave little detail about further addition plan in merchandise by saying:

“Peep the latest and greatest and stay tuned for new additions to come”.

Moreover, launched merchandise not only features cool clothing like T-shirts and Hoodies

but also accessories like baseball caps and water bottles.

From my perspective coffee mugs, water bottles and other items will be an awesome gift for your friends on Christmas as it is right around the corner at the time of writing this.

Much of non-clothing Apex legends merchandise only contains slogan like:

  • Have fun
  • Don’t die

So, if you want to show off your favourite character merchandise then, you should stick to t-shirts and hoodies.

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