A new Leak from the Apex Legends community reveals Loba final release date for her debut in-game.

OK so now it is official that we are going to see Loba in-game this week after months of
waiting and munching on leaks. Loba ‘s debut will be a part of Season 5 Phase 4 teaser
where we will see her interacting with other players on World’s Edge.

Season 5 is going to make a massive change in Apex Legends, as we will be getting a new
reconnect feature like PUBG, Mirage is getting buffed etc.

Players are eagerly waiting for Season 5, and with that Loba’s entry in the game is also
getting closer, previously we saw many leaks surrounding her abilities, animations etc,
but this leak reveals that Loba final release date is going to be Tuesday 28, April.


Leak reveals Loba final release date – How will she debut in-game?

According to data miner ILootGames, she will be a part of Season 5 phase 5 teaser, in this
teaser we will witness her interacting with other players on the map, the teaser will be
dropping on Tuesday, April 28 10am PST.

The data miner reveals that there is a new animation string code added in-game files which
is likely to be activated in Season 5, “mdl/Humans/class/medium/pilot_medium_loba.rmdl.”

However, according to all the data miners in the community Loba’s entry would be similar to Crypto’s entry.

During Crypto’s debut in-game, Respawn Entertainment released a number of teaser phases
leading to the final release of the Legend and many belives that same will happen with Loba.

But there is a slight change to this, according to many leakers a code shows that there is a
fixed number to times for her to be seen by a particular player. – “s05tease_viewCountPhase4”

If rumours are to belive then this number is “3”.

The segment begins at 2:07 in the video below.

Where will Apex players be able to see Loba in-game?

Leaks from data miners suggest that her debut will be in Wraith’s Town Takeover location Labs while some suggest that she will debut from raiding loot vaults.

Whereas, According to ILootGames, there will be a completely new mini-map released for
her debut, according to him, “fake minimap will be applied while you are in [Labs].”

Another known data miner “Shrugtal” – who revealed that Loba will be making her debut this week also shared his theory for her debut, according to him players will transport from Drill Site to King’s Canyon.

This is all the data we have for Loba’s release this week, we will share more information on this topic if we find any, till then just wait for April 28, 10am for the last teaser to drop.

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